just a quick question about HSG
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wondering - September 19

do any of you know if having an HSG done delay your next months period? i had one done at the end of august (period was on the 14th) and so far i have not gotten af...is this normal after having the procedure done, or is delayed periods not one of the side effects of an HSG. thank you ladies!


bump - September 19

please anyone? i dont know if i should waste money on a HPT, or if i should just chalk my af being late on the HSG...any info would be great! thanks again!


CC - September 19

Had a HSG last month and AF came right on time this month (darn)..Just my experience, but I would say test!!


Kerri - September 19

Had HSG in July and August period came on time too---I'd test, maybe with a cheapie from dollar store


wondering - September 20

thank you ladies...while i was waiting for a reply, i called my obgyn, and they said that it was unlikely that my af is delayed because of the HSG, so i think that you are both correct in saying that i should run out and get a test, thank you for your responses!


gi23 - September 20

hi just got on on friday the 9th,, hope this is my month!!! Good luck wiht yours!


wondering - September 20

thank you gi23...i hope this is both of our month as well...lots of luck to you!


to wondering - September 20

Well, did you test yet? I would like to know. I hope it's good news.


wondering - September 21

i havent tested yet, i dont want to test too early, because i dont want to be disappointed, but i am planning to test on sunday, and again on tuesday if sundays test is negative, if you would like, i will keep you posted, and i am hoping for good news too :o)...i appreciate your thoughtfulness! take care!


aish - September 23

hi frnds.. i have to go for my HSG test this thursday? is it painful? can we get the result ...i am so tensed about it? can u conceived (that month)after HSG test


wondering - September 25

to wondering: i have taken another test, and still negative, i am beginning to think that i am just delayed because of the HSG...but who knows. thanks for all the thoughts, if something changes, and i get a BFP...i will let you all know. take care for now...and good luck to you all!


donnamarie - October 4

I had an hsg mid Sep and AF was due this Monday. It started but is weird becuz it is very light almost like spotting, I have never had this before. Did you get AF yet?


gi23 - October 4

i had an HSG on Firdya the 9th of sept af was due Oct 2nd and nothing.. i tested on sunday day 29 and it was NEGATIVE!! is there still hope?


wondering - October 5

hi donnamarie, and gi23...i just got my BFP yesterday, so it is possible to get pregnant after an HSG...donnamarie, i would consult your ob about your bleeding, and just let them know that it wasnt normal. gj23, you could have tested too soon, i was 20 days late for af when i finally got my positive. take care ladies


to wondering - October 5

hsg will not delay your af. it actually opens up your tubes and makes them slippery and chance of conceiving in the next 3 cycles is often heightened. to gI23 there is always hope until af shows so wait a couple more days and retest.


wondering - October 5

to to wondering...thanks, but i already got my BFP....i appreciate you answering my question, but i wish you would have read through all of them, have a good day.


. - October 5

we must have been typing at the same time!!



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