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jazminesmom - January 31

i was wonder how much clomid is? i am not ovulating, i am 6 days late, i took a test on tuesday and it was neg called the doctor to see what they want to do and i heard the nurse say clomid, but i have taken provera to start me before and i think i will this time too if my hpt comes be negitive this weekend, but i hope it is positive though.


mommy2josh - January 31

Clomophene citrate (clomid) runs about $25 for 50mg prescription, $50 for 100mg and $75 for 150mg. Good luck.


jazminesmom - January 31

thank you very much i hope i don't have to start use it soon, we are trying provra to see if it will ust start my body,but since the doctor wants to see me if the test is negitive i have no idea what he is thinking


jazminesmom - February 6

is this per pill or per bottle or dose?


slowpoke01 - February 7

this is for the bottle.so if you are on 50mg then it would be 5 pills, 100mg would be 10 pills, and 150 would be 15 pills if i am not mistaken. i only took the 50 mg.


karenk - February 7

I was on 100mg. My insurance paid the majority of the cost, only had to pay a $10 copay, but I think the entire cost would have been less than $50 even if insurance didn't cover a portion. Good luck!


mbravo9 - February 8

The clomis can range from $45.00-$80.00. Depening on your insurance coverage. My insurance covered it 100% so I didn't have to pay but my buudy did and she paid $45.00. The price goes up if your dosage is higher.


Mindy1 - February 8

it depends on your coverage. PPO actually ends up paying mopre for their prescription. I have HMO and I pay $6 for 5 pills 50 mgs per month. If you dont have insurance at all, the pills are pretty expensive. What do you have?



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