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Melissa - April 11

I am due for my cyle to start anyday now. today I was at my mom's and I needed A book to read she gave me one she had laying around. Well it is full pregnancy. One women just got marrried and can't get preg, Another one doesn't want one and got preg. I have been trying to keep my mind off of preg this month, but the days are creaping by and I can't take a preg test, (my cycle varies 24-28 days) it has only been 21 days but I am starting to go nuts and I can't think about spending that money and getting a -neg. I allways break out with one zit, around P time, every month and one popped up today.well next time I come and write in here I will have more possitive attitude. and hopefully a possitive test. good luck to all thanks for letting me vent.



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