Just a little giggle.....
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trixiebee - January 14

There were three girlfriends, having Brunch. There was a blond, a brunette, and a red-head. The Brunette exclaimed: "I have an announcement! I'm having a baby!!!! And I guess, according to the ol' wive's tale, I'm having a BOY because I was on the bottom," said
the brunette.

"Well, as long as we're announcing things.... I'm pregnant too! And I guess, according to ol' wive's tale, I'm having a girl because I was on top," said
the red-head.

All of a sudden the blond started crying. They asked
her what was wrong. "It's ok, Blondie.... you'll have your chance someday. You'll get pregnant too!"

"That's not it" said the blond.
"I'm having puppies!"



mgn - January 14

m sorry, but i dont get it? she is having twins so she thinks its puppies? boy can u tell i am blond? lol


Sara - January 14

LOL...Very cute, To mgn:the blond thinks she's having puppies b/c she had sex "doggie style".


mgn - January 14

ooooooooooooo lol that is funny! dah!


slowpoke01 - January 15

lol good one


Mega - January 15

Funny!!! I like this one. Thanks for sharing.



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