Julie, How are you doing?
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pmblake - March 9

Julie, I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and your family today. I really hope that everything is alright and remember that you have alot of friends out here in cyberspace! We're here if you need to talk!


julie2007 - July 20

hi pam - i was just scrolling thru thess posts from months ago to see if i can find my old beta numbers - and i ran across this post that went unanswered - so sorry for that - never saw it. ------ but why (you may ask yourself) is she looking for old beta's?? ---- i got my NEW beta's today!!! i am pregnant ~ nervous and scared and wishing i never had a m/c to take the joy away from me finding out i am pregnant again - i jsut feel like it's not ok to be happy yet. --- the odd thing is i went in to sign consents for IUI and asked for a preg test while i was there - and POOF * here i am preggo. i have my 2nd beta tomorrow. they ck'ed my progesterone too - it's 21 yesterday - i know you are really good with that info -- i have to look into what good levels are. ------ how are you doing? you have to be pretty far along now -? i hope all is well with you! - my best --- julie



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