Joining the chemical gang! Questions about side effects
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lady-in-waiting - October 18

I am currently on CD7, and this is my first ever cycle with fertility drugs. I am taking 100mg Clomid from days 3-7, then a shot of Follistim on day 9, then an ultrasound on day 12 and then a trigger shot of Ovidrel followed by IUI 36 hours later. Oh yes, and then 600 mg of Progesterone after that -- to make the lining all dense and implantation friendly. I am pretty anxiety ridden about the whole thing, though I must say that I haven't had any side effects from the Clomid yet. I keep reading limited information about the side effects of these drugs and it's a bit frustrating delving into the unknown like this. Is anybody on a similar protocol? What can I expect, physically, from the Single shot of Follistim and the single shot of Ovidrel and the multitudes of progesterone inserts? Geez! This is a lot!


Lucky717 - October 19

Hi Lady - I can only comment on the Clomid side effects. They can differ from one person to the next but I've had hot flashes big time....wait about 2-3 days after your last pill and then they will hit ya. They are more annoying than anything. I also had major bloating, weight gain and nausea. No headaches. Oh! I could tell I was ovulating because my side is tender and twitches at times. My Dr. said Tylenol was safe to take and it actually worked. Good luck to you. My insurance doesn't cover injectables. Does yours?


lady-in-waiting - October 19

Thanks, Lucky. Hmm. I wonder why they cause hot flashes afterwards. I guess it's ovulation related. Thanks for the tylenol tip. I may have to reach for it. My insurance does cover 3 tries at IUI and 3 tries at IVF. The amount that I paid for the month's drugs was $125. Hope all goes successfully for you!


angelkitty - October 19

What kind of insurance do you have? I have United Healthcare.


lady-in-waiting - October 19

Me too. I hope I don't have to test the outer limits of coverage, though.


chandellina - October 19

lucky717 - did the bloating, etc. also start a few days later? i just finished my first round of clomid two days ago and haven't felt much effect. now i'm worried of what may be to come!



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