Join me please on Christmas eve...
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loryjax - November 30

I want to ask all of you that want a miracle in your life...for all of you ladies that want a bundle of joy in your lifes to join me on Christmas eve.Let's all pray and lite a candle for us to have healthy babies soon.I will pray for all of you so please pray for me 2.God bless each and every one of us.


J.D. - November 30

hi loryjax i will join you on christmas eve and i'll be praying for you too ;-) what a wonderful idea for christmas eve.didn't you start that other thread about christmas? wow what an angel <i><i><i><i><i>


meltux - November 30

Hi loryjax and J.D., i will definately be lighting a candle and saying a wee little prayer for a wee little one...I actually have tears in my eyes as I read through your posts....thank-you so much for caring and good luck to you...see you christmas eve in my thoughts!!!!! (: xxxxxxx


emaan - November 30

hi loryjax,J.D amd meltus....what a wounderfull thing to do ...definitly i will lite a candle on christmas eve and pray....... :-)


thayward7 - November 30

I will join! What a positive idea... Smiles and Babydust.. T


angelkitty - November 30

I will join as well. I think this is an awesome idea.


slowpoke01 - November 30

that is a great idea. i will be praying for each of you. count me in. thanks for this suggestion. you are a great person i will pray for each of you.


JB0405 - November 30

Great idea Lory... I may be away at the time, but I will try to make it a priority...



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