jesus is the way
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sheena - January 16

I got pregnant buy praying!!It took 8months but the more i prayed that month i got pregnant.


janie - January 16

congrats to you. i believe we will all get pregnant in God's time, which hopefully is soon, but i try and be patient. and i also believe prayer is a very powerful thing, so thanks for reminding us to keep doing so, and even harder

xx best wishes


mckenzie - January 17

congrats sheena. Thanks for the encouragement and have a good healthy pregnancy.


einfanti - January 17

Congrats, Sheena! Janie and McKenzie, what are your stories? Trying long? I have been trying for a couple months and go for the pg test on the 30th - I'm in the 2ww and suffering with a few others on another thread. You?


patty - January 17

sheen--congrats ? were you having trouble getting pregnant ?


Sheena - January 19

Thanks girls!Janie keep praying,mckenzie it wont be long now.Eindanti I had to try 8 months before i got pregnant.I did not ever think it would happed to me then one night i went to but a test and i had a long talk with god i said i will do everything in my power to serve you lord if you please give me a baby i am ready.I went home took the test and i was pregnant.I had alot of trouble because i am only 20 will be 21 in a week and still i had problems.Before seeking medical advise try atleast one year.I have faith in you all.Good luck and baby dreams!


Jessica M - January 19

Congrats Sheena, Jesus definitely does answer our prayers. I'm currently not ttc anymore but I know when the time is right God will allow it to happen again.


Sheena - January 20

Jessica M you keep your head up!Always put god first he will bless you with a child when you are ready.


GLORIA - January 20

Psalms 37: 3-4 says "Delight your self in the Lord and he will give you the desires of yor heart." Serve him anyway and know him and find your joy in him. Then make your request known. He knows the words in your heart before you speak. He loves for us to verbalize our hopes and dreams to him and share them with others. Then we just stand back and let it take place in his time. Make Jesus the center of your life not the desire for a baby. He already knows your desire. Then PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! Get other people to pray with you too.


lene - January 20

Gloria thank you! i'm due for preg test on 1/30 and you made me feel a whole lot better! God Bless and baby dust!


mckenzie - January 22

Good luck lene i hope we get that bfp. Thanks to Gloria and Sheena am going to pray even harder night and day that God bless me and all of us with health child.


GLORIA - January 23

lene and mckenzie...Hey girl's I'm praying hard for you both. Keep the faith. It will happen....Waiting for the good news... God Bless. GLORIA


sheena - January 23

you go girls


lene - January 23

thanks ladies!! i'm praying w/you all to!!


mckenzie - January 24

Thanks everyone. Thanks Gloria i will also keep you in my prays to have a health nine months or is now much less than that.



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