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nervous - November 30

i am jealous of all pregnant women. i am married for over 2 years in 2003, my all friends got married in 2005 & r pregnant. i was pregnant but had a miscarriage in march 2005. i m trying since 6 months with no success. why me when will i conceive. i am really stressed. my husband gets really nervous when i near my ovulation. now a days i don't even like sex we have sex once or twice a month. what to do? plz. help!


relax - November 30

i know you are anxious and really want a baby, but you need to relax. you have to enjoy sex and nurture your relationship with your husband or else it will all fall apart. i think you should enjoy being with your husband...start dating and enjoying the time you have with your husband and it will will happen...JUST RELAX okay and take care of you and your husband..


nervous - November 30

thanx to relax. r u pregnant?


to Nervous - November 30

How old are you? If your in your mid to late 30's then you might want to see a specialist. If not then you might want to get an OPK and try to pinpoint the days that you ovulate. Are you temping?


nervous - November 30

I am 24, i tried OPK for about 3 months with no success so stopped buying it as they cost too high. i don't take any bbt. i had a obgyn appt last month & she ordered some tests which were to be taken on cd3. all my results were normal, but i m still very nervous. thanks for ur support "to nervous". would like to share any more info about conception if u have.


KellyN - November 30

I used to feel like you do. After ttc for a year and a half with no luck, I have given up on my anger and replaced it with happiness. One morning I just decided that I didn't want to hate all my pg friends, and that I needed to let go of the anger for the sake of my health and marrage. You may not be ready to let go yet, but you will one day. I hope you get pg soon!!


Lisa #2 - November 30

Hi Nervous!
I have been married 7years, and have been ttc for 7 months. I have 2 friends right now that got pregnant their 1st month of trying. Sometimes I am envious. I just keep trying to remind myself that it will happen in God's time and not my time. I hope for the best for you. At least you still have your age on your side :)


to nervous - November 30

There's a website called that has a great forum and one portion of it are for women who are trying to conceive. (fyi: the boards down now until the weekend) There is lots of great advice and wonderful supporting women on that board. You should check it out. You can go on today and read the past posts and get an idea of what other women are trying. I wish you the best of luck and lots of baby dust your way!


Mega - November 30

Has your husband had a SA done? Since you've had tests & you're okay there could still be male issues involved too. A SA is a very easy test, & it's a good first step to take. I know it's hard, but hang in there. As you can tell from this board, there are a lot of people out there experiencing infertility. Baby dust!


nervous - November 30

Thanx guys for ur support. i am not alone now, since u all have gone thru the same. yea, i am sceduling an appt for my husband too. what all tests shud he have? are there any other tests that i need to take? we have decided to wait for 6 more months & go for IUI. i can't take this for more than 6 months. all my friends don't know about my miscarriage & ttc thing so they go on telling me that i am the only one left with no kids. i don't want to tell them abo my m/c & ttc thing as i think they'll behave in a diff manner with me & never invite me for any babyshower or kids b'day party. i hope we all get pregnant soon. i'll pray for u all!


Mega - November 30

The only test at this point your DH needs is the semen analysis, then maybe if there are issues with him you may want to work with an urologist if it's something that can be fixed. Also, if you're not already seeing a RE, if it turns out he's got issues that's your best source of help. As for you, have you ever had a HSG test? That will make sure your tubes are clear. Also, bloodwork may be able to confirm you're ovulating & there aren't hormonal imbalances. Good luck! I hope you get that BFP real soon.


nervous - November 30

Thanx Mega. I'll call my ob/gyn office & ask for HSG. I just ordered pree seed lubricant online as i feel dry almost every month. has anyone had any success using it? i hope this helps this cycle. do u guys know about any medicine for penis erection? my husband has that problem. the main problem is he feels very nervous on my ovulation & so we can't have enough sex. are there OTC medicines for penis erection? Baby dust to all!


neha - November 30



Mega - November 30

I don't think there are any good, reliable OTC drugs for erectile disfunction. I'm not sure how reliable herbal remedies might be, but it might be something worth researching. I've heard IUI is another good solution for that problem, but he'd still have to give a sperm sample. You might need to find a RE to do the IUI though & maybe the HSG test too. Good luck.


Judi - November 30

Nervous - definitely, definitely have your husband get tested. We tried for 3 1/2 years with no luck. I had an HSG and several other tests after a year, and all my results were normal. They wanted to test my husband next, and he kept putting it off...he was embarrassed by the idea, didn't think anything was wrong with him, didn't have time, etc. During this time, the pressure of needing to have sex at a certain time every month put a huge strain on our relationship and took all of the fun out of our sex life. Finally, right before I turned 35 this summer, he did get tested, and it turned out that his sperm were the problem all along. He has a very high overall sperm count, but a lot of them are dead or dying, and many of them are abnormally shaped and cannot penetrate the egg. Our doctors recommended that we try IUI, because his sperm sample would be washed to remove the unhealthy sperm and this would give the healthy ones a better chance. We did, and I got pregnant the first month. I really, really wish that he had been tested earlier and we had not wasted so much time. I'm now considered higher risk because of my age, although we've had the first trimester screening and the baby looks great so far. Also, since it took so long to conceive this baby, we may not have another one even though we've always wanted two. He realizes now too that he shouldn't have waited so long, and he feels really bad, but there's nothing we can do to change that. I'm not angry with him because that would just cause friction between us, and I'm very, very grateful that IUI worked for us so quickly, but I wish we had been able to do it much sooner. Anyway, now the pressure is off of us and our relationship is much better. I wish you the best of luck...I've been there and I know how difficult this is for you. Take care and try to keep your hopes up.


quinn - November 30

The jealously needs to go. You can't foster a child with negative energies. Getting pregnant is easier than you think. I find that everytime I want to get pregnant I just focus on having that child. I open the door and the universe to allow me to be receptive for fertilization. It worked twice. I've been pregnant with twins and a girl. Both times I wanted what I asked for. I asked for twins and got them and then I asked for a little girl. Take time to know yourself and your body. You are a goddess. believe in that and you can do anything. focus on the positive. Or maybe it's just not your time to get pregnant. Child have a way of coming into existance when they are ready.


nervous - November 30

thanx all! congratulation to u judi! i think i have to get my husband tested too. does anyone know about the cd21 blood tests? what r they for? shud i ask my doctor to order one? hey i also wanted to know if u guys know any anti depressants & r they good to take while ttc. i asked my docter but she didn't pay attention to it. one thing...if there was any problem in us how did we get pregnant in jan 2005. unfortunately it ended up in miscarriage. All the Best guys! Baby Dust ur way!



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