January/February 2007 IVFers
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Mega - January 2

New year, new thread!!! Let's fill it up, ladies!!!


Mega - January 2

BUMP!!! Hope you ladies find this newest thread!!!


cmelissa - January 2

Mega thanks for starting the new thread!!! I just postd on the old one by accident so check there 1st and then post here!!! Now lets all get some BFPS this year!!!


JenG - January 2

Hello, I found the thread... let's get to talkin'.


Mega - January 2

I have a feeling we'll fill this one up fast too!


ROBYN - January 2

Yea new thread!! I am here.


ROBYN - January 2

JB0405 - is this your 1st IVF attempt? Thats awesome to have grant money. I did shared risk that was about 24000 not incuding meds. So actually us getting pregnant the 1st time we actually wound up paying about 10 grand more than we should have but its worth it. We still have 5 more tries and as we all know I am still very much not out of the woods. OH girls my u/s sound pic the RE enlarged it yesterday so I could see what I was looking at you can see little arm buds and leg buds with these 2 little dots for where the eyes will be its so cool. I was studying it today and realized what i was finally looking at. JB I am from South Florida outside Fort Lauderdale area like 5 minutes from the West Palm Beach county line. I am a police dispatcher I was an accident investigator for 14 years at my police dept and due to staffing shortage I was taken off the road about 3 years ago and was miserably placed in dispatch as these girls know. ISA - congrats on the 4 follies I am so happy for you and hubby and they contain eggs yea!! I feel so good for you. You must be so excited you got this far hell thats a major accomplishment. So arent you a 3 day transfer? Glad you will get embie reports everyday wait till you get the transfer and they give you the pics of all the embies they put back. Its so cool. I look at them all the time. Oh JB - as for how long you stay with the RE when your pg my RE does btw 8 and 10 weeks into the pregnancy and then releases you if things are ok. So I go on the 11th to OB. I am scared about leaving them but I know I can call them anytime if i need to but its also good in another way which is money because we are self pay and its alot of money Shared Risk covers everything but once your pregnant they cover nothing except for the 1st u/s and the 1st beta for pg confirmation. So we are still shelling out a lot of money. Now my insurance will kick in. As for the discharge. its alot more increased with pregnancy not tons for me but sometimes it goes thru your clothes it kinda just comes out when you least expect it sorry TMI. Well I am still resting so I will check in later.


aish - January 2

hey frnds...i hope & pray to GOD that give all of us what we want BABY....
well about me i am going for my ivf this month ,i have started lupron,gonalf inj. .menopur..i will be going for my day4 tests..on thursday...i have unexplained & we tried 4failed IUI then while doing mock test they found polyp1cm,removed it & now ready for my ivf....i hope 2007 will be good for all of us..
.I live in northern va, i think mellisa u r also from same area ...as i read that u r going to gentic& ivf.in va ...is that u? i go to shady grove in leesburg. va....


JB0405 - January 3

CMEL- in response to your post on the other thread...I was also thinking of having DH add me to his insurance. ROBYN-thanks for explaining everything, yes this is my 1st IVF! I am excited and very anxious! AISH-long time no see... I swear we could be twins in the ttc world...I thought I was reading about me! WOW!! Good Luck with IVF! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE, LOVE YOU ALL!!! When we all have our babies, there needs to be a BIG celebration, a get together for us, DH & kids! That would be great!


isa - January 3

here's the update of 4 eggs, 3 fertilized but she said the 4th may have but she didnt see it happen and she will know tomorrow if it starts dividing. (right now its less than 24 hours since my proc) and she will call me again in another 24 hours. I do hope they keep going well and we will transfer all that are healthy (preferably 4).


COL - January 3

ISA, hi, hope you remember me!! i am so happy for you, and i am sure god will be with you all the way. i am crossing my figers and hoping for good news. i have been folowing your proccedure and i am really happy for you. God bless you. ttyl


Mega - January 3

Isa, that's wonderful, 3 fertilized out of the 4 is actually a fantastic ratio & good indicator of quality eggies. And I'll pray #4 fertilized too & is perhaps just a slower grower but will catch up soon. Hang in there. I know this is a nailbiting time for you. Looking forward to your next eggie update. Stacie--My thoughts are with you today for your appt. Robyn--That's amazing! I didn't know you could see so much detail this early. Arm & leg buds. Wow! Keep on resting. Are you on medical leave now with work? You're on bed rest til next week's u/s is that right? Linds--Today is your next beta & u/s right? Good luck! Aish--Yay, I'm glad you're ready to start cycling now that the polyp's gone. That's great! You & JB will probably be on similar schedules I'm guessing. Cool! JB--I'm so there! Love, love, love the whole baby, mommies, DH's thread reunion idea. :)


JB0405 - January 3

Hey ISA- that's AWESOME!!! I am excited for you! Keep us posted! MEGA- you are wonderful! I hope that 2007 is the best year yet for all of us!


Mega - January 3

Back atcha JB! Ditto--I echo that about 2007 being an awesome year for all us ladies.


JenG - January 3

Hi Ladies! Just checking in... mega, where are you at in your cycle? It should be at the mid point right? Have you O to see if you are in the last stretch? I was trying to determine on when to take the OPK this month... My cycle is normally 34 days... but it may run long.


cmelissa - January 3

Aish wisginh you tons of luck this cycle - when is your ER and ET?? I go to Washington Fertility - i may also get a 2nd opinion from Shady grove - i had a friend get pregnant from ivf there!!! WE both are in the same boat with that darn unexplained category! Isa thinking of you and hoping your embies keep on dividing - you are doing a day 3 transfer right? Mega any af news yet?? JB where are you in your cycle right now?? Nothing new to report for me, today will be day 3 of bcps for me still have a long way to go! i go back in tomorrow for a consult and then back on the 18th before i start the lupron.


JenG - January 3

Oh Isa, I meant to say way to go girl! 3 fertilized is great! I keep praying that the growth sustains for you.



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