IVFers....Please help! When to take my BCP's?
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Amysince70 - January 27

I just had an appointment with my doc the other day and we went over a million things. I don't think he told me when to start taking the BCP's or maybe I just missed it. I got my period today which was a little early. Do I start taking the pill today? When did you all start taking them in regard to starting your AF? Thanks.


ROBYN - January 27

Amy I went thru my notes I started taking my BCP's 5 days after my period then about 1 week later started doing Lupron injections.


Amysince70 - January 27

Thank you!


Sara - January 28

Hi Amy, the fertilty clinic I go to wants their patients to start taking BCP's on the Sunday following their period. Even if my period starts on the Sunday, they still told me to take it tthat day. Everyone is different. If you're unsure, I would call your doctor to confirm.


Mega - January 29

My clinic always had me start the BCPs day 1 of full flow. As Sara said though, drs differ on this so keep trying to get in touch with your dr & see what he/she says. Good luck Amy!


Sara - February 3

Hi Amy, when did you finally take your BC pills? I met with or doctor yesterday to discuss our options. DH and I decided to do IVF. It won't be until April b/c of blood work and taking 1 month of BC pills.



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