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Cee Bee - September 14

Hi Everyone, I am just about to launch into my first IVF cycle and I'm going to keep a diary/journal record of each stage here. This will give me a chance to talk about how I'm going or feeling, as well as hopefully give some other people some info on the process - and what to expect. Feel free to ask any questions or comment if you like.....


Cee Bee - September 14

Firstly, a bit of background info....I've just turned 40 and TTC for #1. Partner and I just completed 4 cycles of Artificial Insemmination - obviously unsuccessful. As we are about to start IVF, dr requested some more indepth blood tests, and finally discovered that partner has a problem with Sperm - low morphility (hope I have that word/spelling correct). So we have been advised that we have to do ICSI along with IVF. I would imagine our probelms are a combination of that - and my age. But we don't focus on the problem(s) - just look at what we can do to have a baby.
We are in Australia. I have just started what we call here "down regulation" - this is where for the first stimulated cycle, you go on the pill for a few weeks, and start taking a nasal spray. This "quietens" everything down and gets your body (ovaries/uterus lining) ready to start from scratch. (Can explain that a bit better if anyone is interested). So I have just stopped the pill, had my first scan and I am all ready to start "stimulation phase". This is where you have the injections to start stimulating follicle growth. So tonight I start these injections (but I'm used to it because I had to do it for the AI). I'm going to send this post otherwise it will be too long.....to be continued....


Cee Bee - September 14

Both of us also went to see an alternative therapist - for the sake of it I will call her a "naturopath" but she is even a bit more alternative than that. So we are both on herbs and tonics which apparently will improve egg and sperm quality. Partner is also seeing a chiropractor to straighten out his lower back and get the nerves flowing more freely to where the "energy" is required. So that is where we are at. Will keep you posted from time to time with how we are going.


KD - September 14

Thank you for being so open and honest thru this time


Mari - September 14

Thanks Cee Bee, I too had 4 unsuccessful AI's and my dr want's to do IVF. Do to the cost we are going to wait a while in order to save up some $. How long does the whole process take. Do u know if it's painful? Take care and good luck.


Cee Bee - September 15

Hi Mari
The first cycle is a "stimulated cycle" so they can collect all your eggs. This is a standard "monthly" cycle. However, before the first cycle (and maybe before every stimulated cycle??) you have to do "down regulation" for a month or so (like I mentioned above, you go on the pill and start nasal sprays etc). This quietens everything down ready to start stimulation. So, the two phases combined, I'd say around 8 weeks (give or take). But everyone is assesed differently, you may not need to "down regulate" first. Also, once they collect your eggs, if you have any "leftovers" these can be frozen - then if the first cycle was unsuccesful, next cycle they just thaw out the embryos and inseminate - no need to go through the whole process of down regulation and injections etc and egg collection etc (so much easier and cheaper). I can't say if it is painful as I haven't completed a full cycle yet - but I really don't think so - you've obviously done the injections so that part would be easy-peasy for you. it's just the egg collection but they give you sedation. And then the transfer back - just like insemmination I'm told. Hope that helps....


Mari - September 15

Yes it does help, thank you very much.


Cee Bee - September 17

I've started my injections - had 3 now. But I'm a bit concerned because I'm sure the dose is the same as I was on for IUI - and I only ever got 1 or 2 follies on that dose. Seeing as I was hoping to collect around 6 (or more) follies on ivf - thought they'd up the does quite a bit. I have my first scan on Monday to see what follies are forming, so will spk to Dr then about it. Starting to get a bit excited now - things are finally moving after weeks of just "preparing"....


Cee Bee - September 19

Had my first scan today to see what follicles were "growing"....but there was not much happening unfortunately. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was concerned my dose was too low - Dr agreed and has now doubled it - am now on 450. He said he just wanted to do first scan to make sure that he didn't "over-stimulate me". Anyway, next scan on Thursday - so let's hope I have some follicles growing by then....


Cee Bee - September 22

2nd scan today....still nothing happening!!!!!! Starting to get concerned now. Dr increased Gonal F (again) to 600 for 5 more days. I would say if nothing happening after that, this cycle will be cancelled :(


KD - September 22

I pray that it's not cancelled...and that your body responds properly to the higher dosage! Hang in there!


Cee Bee - September 23

Thanks for your thoughts & prayers KD....I will definitely be hanging in there.......keep you posted Tuesday


Mari - September 23

Cee Bee, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. I hope you do not have to cancel this cycle. Let me know how you are doing.



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