IVF stories???
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debbie80 - October 26

My husband and I have been ttc for 2 years now. I did get pregnant in Jun 05, but that ended in a chemical miscarrage and then this past June I feel pregnant again and miscarried at 9 weeks. It has been a few months past my miscarrage and we have decided to ttc again. When I spoke to my doctor about this, he said that I might want to look into doing IVF. I am only 26 yrs old and I am a healthy person...why is it taking so long for me to get pregnant? I would like to hear about IVF stories....I do not know much about this? Thanks ladies


ginger6363 - October 26

My dh's cousin had IVF 4 years ago and had quads! She has an exceptional case, I think, and the pregnancy has really reeked havoc on her body, but she is very happy with her family (of course, she's done now). On a less scary note, a dear friend of mine had IVF last year and now has a beautiful, healthy baby girl (it was her 2nd IVF try) so IVF does work.


isa - October 26

have you done iui's yet? What is your diagnosis? What is your fsh level? How is your E2, P4, DHEAS levels just to name a few? What test have you had run? You have had 2 pregnnacies that ended in m/c i am very sorry for that and you have to look into finding out why they happened. It could be something simple as not enough progesterone or your lining is too thin or something more complex but you should start with basic work ups etc for m/c. Your dh should also have a work up done on sperm count, motility, morphology etc. If all ok with him than focus on you some more and if nothing is found i would try iui first b/c it is far less invasive. Ivf is surgery with risks associated with it. Ig is extremely expensive and emotional. You should be dealing with an RE (reproductive endocrinologist ) not a MD or obgyn. They are not trained to deal with specifics in fertility issues. You need a specialist. You are in for a lot but if it works out in the end it is worth it. I would google ivf and learn all you can on it.The web is a wealth of information. Also google recurrent miscarriages and read what tests should be done etc. Its a very long road for diagnosis but well worth it to do before you go to ivf. good luck. Oh if you want ivf stories there are a few threads going already but they arent necessarily the successes you are looking for. For example after spending all the money on ivf and just shy of $6000 on medicine my first ivf was cancelled due to poor response from the lupron suppressing me too much. (I had 7 failed iui's and then they also found out I have a genetic disorder that might mean i dont make eggs in my follies so i had to go to ivf to see if i have eggs and b/c i am 41 yrs old).


isa - October 26

Here's one website that explains lots of ivf. no dashes or hyphens if they show up




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