IVF Ontario and OHIP
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Char - March 25

Well, I finally got my Lap results back... Complete blockage in both tubes. My OB/GYN said that OHIP Pays for most of IVF but didn't know exactly how much and to what extent. Does anyone know how much OHIP pays for? I have read that they will pay for 3 Cycles, but i don't know the truth behind it. Thanks!!


jl - March 25

Hi Char. I might be wrong, but my girlfriend has undergo ne at least 3 ivf's and I was under the understanding that it was not covered. I know she paid around $6000 each time they had to retrieve egss. If the eggs/ sperm are frozen and they are completing the IVF from that it was a few hundred dollars. This was in Toronto.
Hope this helps.


firefly - March 26

I know that it is covered if you have blocked tubes. I was pretty sure that it was totally covered, except for maybe some of the meds? But maybe those are too. I am sorry for your news, but wish you lots of luck with your IVF cycles!!


isa - March 26

Char I dont know the details but a friend of my dh's wife has both blocked tubes and they get 3 cycles through ohip for ivf covered (except meds I believe). Their work covers 80% of the meds so they are only out of pocket for 20%. The first cycle didnt take. Not sure if they are doing #2 yet. They went to MacMaster in Hamilton.


Char - March 27

Thanks for your help. isa - My OBgyn is in Whitby and he is sending me to IVF Canada or something like that which i think is in toronto. I was looking into drug insurance and I think manulife financial has a drug plan that will cover fertility drugs up to 90% but i am not sure if you have to be with them for a certain amount of time first. I am really nervous about this because if it doesn't work after 3 I am not sure that I can afford to Pay thousands for each try.


mom of 2 boys - July 21

I went through 3 IVF's and was successful with 2. I have 2 darling boys.
I understand that if you have both tubes blocked. OHIP only cover's some of the fee's, consultation no charge, i belive some of the u/s are covered as well. The treatment & drugs can run you well over $5000 -$8000 even with blocked tubes. You should check with the clinic your attending. I went to Markham - excellent clinic - with amazing result's. Every case is different - I did IVF - blastocyst at 5 days - both times positive results!

Good Luck



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