IVF message board?
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Tina - February 2

Anyone having problems getting onto the IVF message board? keeps saying unavailable or moved???


Helen - February 2

Tina, thank you so much for your congrats!!! i wonder why you're having a problem going into the IVF message board? the rest of us are getting through fine. i hope to see you there soon. let me know if you still can't get through.


Justine - February 2

Tina - I can get on the IVF message board fine but I had this problem a lot with other boards on this forum when I was pregnant. Hope you can get on soon.


Tina - February 2

Ok, it just seems like it happens when I am dialing in at home,,,at work, I am on a quick network speed,,,so could have something to do with it,,,or coudl be 'traffic', too many in at once,,,well, glad to hear your BFP Helen and talk to you all in our regular board...



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