ivf in taiwan?
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cathysyhtac - December 14

I've heard that ivf in taiwan is cheaper and has a higher success rate. Has anybody ever tried having the procedure done there? Or maybe you know someone who did? I've been TTC for 5 years. Doctors found that I have
PCOS and Simple Hyperplasia and has been urging me to get an IVF. But I have been hesitant because of lack of information. Good thing I found this. I hope someone can help me. Thanks!


Amysince70 - December 14

I have heard about it in Chezk but not the Taiwan. I am interested to hear if anyone has done it overseas as well.


cathysyhtac - December 15

Or for those who have had it done and were successful, how did you prepare for it? Did you took any supplements? Or do something with your everyday routine?



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