IVF in Chicago
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Mellie - March 22

I am looking for an IVF clinic in Chicago. Can anyone give me advice or suggestions? How did you go about deciding on a clinic?


linds99 - March 22

I go to Fertility Centers of Illinois. They are very good, I did IVF with them at their River North location. I think they have very good success rates, last year its was 60%. I decided on FCI because of their high success rates.


linds99 - March 22

Here is their website, detailing their doctors and stats... http://www.fcionline.com/


linds99 - March 22

Mellie, I saw on the other thread that you have PCOS...I do too. I am 30 years old. There is a doctor at FCI called Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs, he was voted top infertility doctor in Chicago. Dr. Nani also is at this clinic and she specializes in PCOS patients. All the doctors at this clinic consult one another on treating their patients very often, so I feel that we do get the best, most cutting edge treatments here. If you have any questions about the treatments I had please feel free to ask.



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