ivf immediately second time
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Sue - September 20

Hi, my first ivf fresh cycle has failed this month. I have 1 frozen embryo. But I would like to go for 2nd fresh ivf cycle again next month. My question is, is it recommended to skip one month to calm down the ovaries or can I go for the 2nd cycle immediately? are there any problems by having the 2nd cycle immediately? My other question is anybody got pregnant with the frozen embryo? your responses are appreciated. Thanks.


Justine - September 21

Sue - Sorry to hear your first cycle failed, at least you got 1 frozen one though. My clinic told me if my first cycle failed I should wait a few months before starting a new one, not sure why. I'd see what your clinic advise. I got pregnant with a fresh cycle (first fortunately) but I've heard of lots of women getting pregnant with frozen ones and the good thing is there's no drugs in that cycle. I know someone whose first cycle failed then she did two frozen cycles and the second frozen one worked and she now has a baby girl. She said there's nothing to a frozen cycle. Maybe if you can't do a fresh cycle next you could do a frozen one if your clinic agrees. If not I'd go away for a break somewhere relaxing. Hope it works for you soon. It's worth the suffering when you start feeling the baby move!



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