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K - July 6

Hi, I have to undergo IVF with ICSI due to severe infertility issues. It is too expensive for me to afford it in US and my insurance policy doesn't cover it. Any idea or suggestions about getting it done abroad?


Lena - July 7

Are you thinking a 3rd World country for surgery? I'm sure you are aware that they are cheaper for many reasons, mainly because they don't have the training, equipment, or safe practises that are required in the US. Have you considered taking out a loan for the cost? (that's what dh and I plan to do) You can even get a money back guarantee if your don't have a life birth.


Justine - July 7

I've been talking to K on the male infertility forum and suggested he posted here. He's thinking of going to Europe or India for treatment. I think Europe is fine for treatment though I'm not sure if India is. He said his US clinic charge $16,000 for ICSI. Does anyone know anyway he can get this cheaper in the US or abroad? In England its significantly cheaper but once you've added on flights, accomodation and loss of earnings and I think it would end up the same. Plus you have to be careful with IVF treatment because of the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation and need to be near a hospital after egg collection for at least 2 weeks. It's rare to get it severely (I got it midly) but if its not treated promptly can be extremely serious.


Lena - July 8

Here in Northern Cal, where we have an extremely high cost of living, IVFs are around $8k and ICSI is an additional $1,500-$2k. 3 procedures with a money back guarantee is $24k


K - July 8

Thanks Lena. Does this include the medications? i live in northern California too. could you recommend a center for me?


Pinky - July 8

I am from Virginia hubby from Texas. We have been stationed in Germany 51/2 yrs. My dr. who is a Professor at University of Heidelberg is a Endocronologist (sp?) Fertility Specialist. I have adhesions which he has gotten rid of due to Laparoscopy. It cost 1800 euros and 1500 euros for IVF and meds here in Heidelberg, Germany. My military doc referred me to a german doc due to them not doing the laparoscopies. So the whole procedure will cost me about $3000.00. But my insurance company pays half and my german insurance pay the other half. But Tricare pays for all meds. So yeah thats about half & half. I'm not saying come to Germany but they are great, My friend who had problems with her finbria (the fingerlike things on tubes ) is now pregnant after so many yrs and she is 39. I referred her to my doc and she is preggy. True story. So now I am ongoing a IVF if these injections do not work. He thought he should try something else before IVF. So I will see Thursady next week what type of treatment he has next. He had me try since surgery but nothing yet. ( maybe because hubby and I need to BD more but its a option. SO take care and sorry so long. ~ Monica a.k.a Dreama


Lena - July 8

It was Fertility Physicians ( http://www.fpnc.com/). The price included medications, which were the major expense. The egg retrieval was actually only about $2500 of the $8000. Its possible your health insurance might cover some of the cost. I have Kaiser and they won't cover IVF but they will cover many of the required test such as bloodwork, HSG, paps etc.


Kelly - July 14

Check out www.fertilitycenter.com. IVF is $6500 & ICSI $1500



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