IVF for the 1st Time....
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chele - March 26

I'm looking to find others that are getting ready to, or contimplating doing IVF within the next couple months. I'm skipping this cycle, but I am planning on moving on to IVF in late April and looking for others that may also need a friend(s) to take this journey with. Any 1st IVF'rs w/ success stories would be great too!


leahb5 - March 26

hey chele. i'm starting ivf this month for the first time. i wont start my meds for about 20more days if all my test come back good and if not then about another month. we go for a teaching on monday so i'll know more then. good luck


MsMonet - March 26

Chele-Hope all is well. I am in the pre-testing process... I did the bloodwork and will be doing the HSG, etc this wk and next wk. The testing will be complete on April 11th then we will go forth in mid to late April. Do you have to do all of the pre-testing or have you done that? You should also check out... The First fertility doctor thread and Mar/April IVF's. You will also find some good info. When you say that you are skipping and planning to move on... Does that mean that you tried something else and it didn't work?Pls, explain.


Tink - March 27

Chele- come hang with us on the march/apr IVF thread, there are a few folks starting up new cycles., that i am sure would love more buddies. good luck- IVF #1 worked for us!!


chele - March 27

LEAH, so then we could end up walking very closely hand-in-hand. When I should start would be around 20th... Is the teaching for shots or on what will happen? LEAH/MsMonet, I am confused... what is all the pre-testing? I have had the HSG done and everything was fine. I had that done prior to TTC at all. MsMONET, yes, we TTC on our own for about 6 months, then wen to the OBGYN and did rounds of Clomid, nothing. Then did one IUI w/ Clomid, Estrogen, Progesterone, nothing. Moved on to an RE in late October and did a total of 3 more IUIs, the last 2 w/ Gonal-F, nothing. AF showed up on 3/24 so I decided to sit out this month and let my body try and expell all the med's I have been taken, so I will be starting IVF for the 1st time and hopefully last around late April. I was just going to mention that I had so wonderful friends on the IUI thread (GOGO, TINK) and they moved on to IVF, well they both became pregnant on their 1st attempt! I am so happy for them, they give me so much hope, and hopefully this can be passed on to you. Speaking of.... as I scroll down I see Tink... How are you? Thanks, I will do that too!


MsMonet - March 27

Chele- Well, my doctor ref'd me to fertility specialist because I wasn't getting preg... Before you can go fwd with anything you have to go through a series of tests that take about 3 wks. Blood tests, hsg, etc... Maybe you don't have to do it since you've done them in the past... Not sure. Leah-So, I am assuming you did all the tests that I did... How long do you have to wait for results?


chele - March 27

Oh now I see were the miscommunication is.... I thought you were w/ a specialist already. I have been w/ one since October so I have had some testing, such as Clomid Challenge test but I have yet to have a lap.


chandellina - March 27

hi chele, thanks for starting this thread! as you know, i am likely to start IVF in May (late April to down-stim). i'm just wondering why everyone seems to be having HSGs. i am in the UK and they don't do that here before IVF. I thought one of the points of IVF was to bypass any blockages, etc. in the tubes?? what other pretesting are you guys having?


yvonne marie - March 27

hello there--
i'm new here!
i will go in for a hysteroscopy in april, then discuss when to start ivf. this is my first time. i had two ectopic pregnancies and the dr. doesn't want to risk another. i did go in for an hsg and both tubes seem to be compromised.
i'd like to keep tabs with others going through this. thank you for strarting this thread. i'll keep you updated on the progress. hope that we all shall conceive soon!!


ROBYN - March 27

girls we have a great IVF thread going mar/apr ivf thread we have had like 10 bfps in a month there a lot of experience on our thread so maybe we can help you girls out with questions. You can come take a peek and join in all our welcome.


MsMonet - March 27

Chandelina- I had to give 16 viles of blood, will be doing an HSG in the morning, 12more viles of blood on thur, hytereosonography on friday, post coital on April 03rd and an endo biopsy on April 11th. Dh has to give sperm somewhere before the 11th. Most places I called require this... Give or take a few...


chele - March 28

Hi CHANDILLINA, well I had the HSG way before I went to a RE. I had this done when I 1st thought about trying because I was having sex unprotected and nothing.... it was just a test my OBGYN did to make sure there was not any blockages. Yes, it does seem that others have had to have this done prior to IVF though. That is the only test I have had with the exception of the Clomid Challenge Test. I am so glad we will be 1st IVF buddies! YVONNEMARIE, glad you came aboard too! I have never been able to conceive at all... that I know of. Please stay on, we will learn from each other. ROBYN is right, I an a few others have joined their thread to help learn and comfort each other from their experiences. They are very welcoming. Thx Robyn! MSMONET, is this a requirement w/ youre RE prior to IVF? May I ask where you live? Just wondering if it is out of the states.... sometimes different countries have different practices. I'm very interested as I have not been offered this. Thanks!


leahb5 - March 28

hey girls...here's my story.....i''m25 dh 29 ttc for almost 3years. i've done 6mo clomid, 4mo letrozole, 2 iui with injectables and all the time on progesterone. i had a lap done a year ago and found moderate endo and had an hsg done at that time and a possible issue with one of my tubes. never been pg and really getting tired of the run around. when i did iui with injections i didnt stim well only developed 1follie each time but a nice one. they really dont know why so that is why they are doing the clomid challenge test on me to see exactly what meds will god willing be successful!! when i told them i was going to switch to ivf they read off the list of tests i would have to complete before meds were ordered and here it goes....hsg if not done in the last year(mine was),clomid challenge,blood work for hiv,hepititis,fsh,estrodoil,cf carrier,and a few other diseases. also a teaching for the shots and how my cycle will go, an appt with my doc to do a mock embryo transfer and std cultures. my dh has to have most of the same bloodwork and an ivf semen analyis. then as long as everything comes back and there is no problems i will start on lupron on day 21 of this month. if i dont get all tests in before then i'll have to wait until next cycle day 21....i need to hurry hurry hurry. so sorry for my book i just wanted to let you know what my story was and what they are doing before i even start my cycle. chele- you said you will start lupron around what day this month?? i hope we are together!!! oh yeah and i have to have only protected bd.....that will be different...haha! you cant be pg while on lupron. chandellina- i'm starting down stim mid to end this next month too and i'll actually do ivf in may...how exciting. does everyone have to pay out of pocket? i do and with everything we are looking at around 15,000.00. yikes! but it will def. be worth every penny!!!!


chele - March 28

LEAH, now that you mentioned the procedures you have to go through I do vaguelly recall some of them.... when I was going to originally start IVF it happened so fast that my head was turning and that is why I tried one more IUI. I already have the scripts from a couple months ago and there were like 9 different ones! UGH, more weight gain! I do now recall them doing b/w for me to test for HIV, hepatitis, etc... and that my dh was going to have to come in the following a.m. for b/w too. I had my hsg done approx 3 years ago, but my RE reviewed in a few months ago and did not require that I do another since everything was fine. My dh will have to go in to learn how to give me shots though. If all works out well then I should start the process around the week of 4/22...


MsMonet - March 28

CHELE-Yes, it's a requirement. I called 3 diff institutes and it was a requirement with them, also. The bloodtests are for Rubella, HIV, Lupus, diabetes, fsh, hep, etcs... Everything will be done on April 11th. We decide on the route from there. And start the process that next week... My period will be on the 21st of April. Why does everyone mention weight gain? Is that from the hormones? Can you do anything to stop it? Uggh!


MsMonet - March 28

BTW, I went in for the HSG today.


chandellina - March 28

it's interesting they require hsg when ivf bypasses tubes. my drs haven't been concerned about my tubes because i have been pregnant twice before but miscarried. druanyway, here i know we need hiv and hepatitis b&c. well dh and i had those last month because it was also required for IUI. maybe they will want to do all my hormones again too but i just had those done in February. chele - i'm glad too we will be partners in this! is anyone doing any other preparation, such as acupuncture? i am going to start it up again although i had it for several months previously and didn't feel it was really doing much for me. i just read so many good things about it as a complement to ivf so i am going to find an acupuncturist who specializes in infertility and ivf support. Leah- we are paying for this ourselves as well and you're right, the costs are pretty staggering.



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