IVF experiences, please!!
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Terri - October 13

I am new to this forum. Hubby & I are considering IVF since we have been ttc almost 3 years now. Can anyone share their experiences (good and bad) with us? We are curious about the entire process, how long it takes from starting stimulation for eggs, how long you take those meds, how the meds are taken (oral or injection)...and any other info you can provide!! We are a little nervous about it (we both have anxiety anyway) so any info would be largely appreciated!!


Justine - October 13

We ttc for 3 years and then turned to IVF-ICSI due to male subfertility issues - we were told we would never get pregnant naturally. I did IVF-ICSI in Feb this year and it worked first-time thankfully and am now 36 weeks pregnant. ICSI is the same as IVF but sperm is injected into the eggs. Doing and waiting for ICSI was very stressful but I'd say it was worth all the suffering for that positive pregnancy test! I did ICSI in London in the UK so if you're in the US you'll probably have different drugs. I did a fast cycle - the drugs cost a little more but it was about 3 weeks shorter and I hate injections but many clinics only do the longer cycle! Often a clinic puts you on the contraceptive pill first but I didn't need to do this as my period started on the right day of the week. So I started injecting a drug called Puregon straight away - once a night in my stomach - this makes you produce many eggs. On day 5 of these injections I had a scan and I was responding well so I started a injecting drug called Cetrorelix once a day (so 2 injections a day - lots of fun!). I did this for about 2 weeks then had another scan - it was decided I was ready for egg collection so I took a third final injection of Chorion (?). Then the egg collection was done about a day later. This doesn't hurt that much as you are given something to knock you out - the needle in my hand hurt the most. After egg collection you are in pain for a few days but you know the worst is over so its not too bad then. 3 days after egg collection I did embryo transfer - this is totally painless. I had to take progesterone suppositories vaginally for 15 days after the egg collection but that's no big deal. Then you just wait to test on the day your period is due. I had to be monitored for hyperstimulation as I produced 22 eggs which is very high. I had complications for my first three months (bleeding from week 6 to 14), a giant blood clot on my uterus, cysts due to hyperstimulation and tested for cancer due to cysts. It's not easy but I'd say its definately worth all the suffering to get pregnant and feel the baby move in your stomach - its magic and you forget all the suffering (well almost!). Good luck.


to Justine - October 13

Justine congrats on your pregnancy, you have more guts then me. I'm finding just the one needle a day for iui stessful. I dont think i have the strength to do what you did but wow, do i ever wish the best for you and your little bundle of joy. way to go momma


Terri - October 13

Thank you for your story Justine and Congrats!! I was wondering if you had to be on bed rest the first few days after the implanting? I have heard that some are on bed rest for 2 days while others its weeks.


Justine - October 14

Thanks Terri - I was not put on any bedrest by my hospital after embryo transfer - they said it wouldn't help and made me stand up immediately after the transfer. However, I lay down in the car on the way home and put myself on bedrest for a few days - did embryo transfer on Thursday, had Friday off work and spent all weekend in bed and went back to work on Monday. One of the nurses told me to drink lots of water (to help avoid hyperstimualtion as I had 22 eggs) and milk (to help implantation) which I did. I've no idea if these things helped but water and milk are good for you in pregnancy anyway. Good luck ttc.


Terri - October 14

Thank you Justine! Anyone else have experience in US with IVF?


nita - October 28

Answer: I'm on my first IVF attempt. I started June 20th and at my first session my blood levels were off and my dr. told me to go to a specialist. I had thyroid problems and was told i had to get that taken out before i continue with the Ivf. I had surgery within 2 weeks and was released to try IVF by end of Aug. Soooo I started again with taking the meds (before I had only gotten to the brithcontrol pills) the shot were not as bad as i thought! after the first 2 (my husband did) I did myself. They retrieved 19 eggs and 12 were good they did half ICSI and have the regular way. I wanted to do 3 day, however my dr. chose to go to blastocyst (5 days) I wanted 3 implanted but the dr strongly incouraged 2 because he said they looked really good. So we went with 2 good and 1 not so good (3 embryos) because i had to leave out of town, my dr. took my blood samples early. my implant was on 10/14/05 my first blood test was on 10/21/05 my blood was froze until 10/25/05 becasue the machines went down. My readings were 39.5. I went to a nearby clinic to get my blood levels on 10/26/05 and they faxed the info to my dr and i was told that it DID NOT double it was only 50. so they told me my positive was on its way to a negative and to expect a period wiith in a couple days. I am 34 and I hope with the freezing the blood and all the change of hands someone is incorrect. I retest on 10/31/05 Many blessing to the new arrival and to the ones who are awaiting answers.


me - October 29

My cousin underwent IVF twice. She had to start clomid to develop multiple eggs, which were then harvested and selectively chosen to be implanted with sperm (ICSI). The hubby gave a sperm sample and the sperm were washed, chosen, and implanted in the eggs. They were then incubated until they were embryos (8 cell) and waited to be inserted. My cousin took injectables for a month to get her body ready for implantation. The hubby gave the shots to her via buttocks every day, a few times a day. All the meds were to make the uterus a lush place to implant (i.e progesterone, etc...) After the implanting of the 3 embryos, the first time she felt weird inside, but the second time she felt nothing. It was the second time all three took. 2 aborted themselves and 1 held on. She now has a 9 month old little girl. She did say it was one of the most draining things she has ever done, but would not change a thing. Granted, she stopped after one, but that is just her decision. You need to be mentally and physically ready to commit to this, but it will be worth it in the end. You have a higher chance of conceiving through IVF than normal and artificial insemination. Good luck!!


to all - October 31

Thanx for your answers, I too was curious. It sounds like a lot of work, but the success sounds well worth it. Luck and love.



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