IVF cycles
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Hopeless - March 25

My husband and I did ICSI/IVF cycle. We had 1 fresh and 1 frozen transfer and both were unsuccessful. Should we keep trying? I'm starting to lose faith in IVF.


Louisa - March 26

Hopeless, I know how hard it is to stay positive but you need to stay strong through this process. You have your moments where you feel like a let down amongst other things but you need to keep going if this is really what you want. I'll assume you have tried other avenues before going through ICSI?? If this is your only option then you must take it. It is like playing the lottery.. you have to be in it to win it!! You keep playing even though theres a 50/50 chance you may or may not win. And when you do it is priceless! I guess you really have to sit down with DH and discuss what you both want out of this. As many factors can be an issue - financial? emotional? stressful?. As for me, I have had 1 failed cycle due to hyperstimulation. 2 failed FET cycles. Going through my 3rd on Wednesday using blast (which means they will keep them outside the body for aslong as they can so they can take alittle more and then transfer). When we first started this we had 7 embryos. Hubby and I discussed that 7 times is more than enough and if it doesn't happen we will stop and start living for ourselves again. Now, we think differently. We have decided to keep going. So it is entirely up to you. the choice is yours and your hubbys and noone elses. I pray for all woman who have trouble falling pregnant as nobody understands you and what your going through. I pray for strength to keep going through this journey. I really hope some of this helps you and if you need to ask anything... I will keep popping my head in.. stay strong hopeless...


PennyHull - April 9

My husband and I went through 3 fresh cycles before we finally had success - as you all know what is involved in a full cycle let me tell you it was so discouraging and depressing, but for us it did work out after the 3rd try and our miracle is almost 2 now. We are praying in preparation for starting an FET cycle in two months - hope to have a little brother or sister for him eventually. Good luck to both of you - I know how hard it is, and I know I would have kept trying if the 3rd cycle hadn't worked (but we would have had to wait quite a while to afford another one).



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