ivf at 41?
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tryingat40 - July 25

I'm about to turn 41. I had one unsuccessful iui with follistim. The doctor determined that in addition to my age, my husband's sperm has low morphology. He recommends ivf. I'm feeling down because I was hoping we would've been successful while I was still 40. I just need emotional support because I feel like crying.


p - July 26

dear trying. I am almost 40 (2 1/2 months) i am not pregnant and only have started my investigative cycle this week. dont feel bad you are not alone. cry if it helps, it does me. baby dust


Renee - July 29

40 and ttc for 3+ years and just found out my problem ... I'm still going for it, although I feel bad like you ... I kinda feel too old to carry a baby, but I want one so bad, I'll have to get over it!!! AND SO WILL YOU!!


Dana - July 31

Dear Trying,
Hang in there! I will be 40 in November and we have been trying over a year now. Our Dr. also wanted us to do IVF, but we decided to try IUI first just to give it a shot. I have been on follistim injections, and am now 10 days PIUI. i will take an hpt on monday and a blood test on Tuesday. Wish me luck! I am happy to have you girls to talk to and listen to!


Dana - August 1

I have just had my first positive HPT this morning, 14 days PHCG. I just had the blood test done, but do not have the results yet...crossed fingers everyone!


Mimi - August 2

Hello All! I will be 41 in October and was hoping so bad that I would get pregnant before my husband left to Iraq. We were married October 2, a day before my 40th and we decided we would wait a year to try and have a baby, but then he got the news that he was getting deployed again to Iraq so we decided to start trying right away. It's been 10 months and nothing. I am very heartbroken but coming to terms and accepting that I will have to wait a year before trying again. By then I will be almost 42. I cry for so many reasons: because he is leaving and we will be separated for a whole year; because I truly wanted to be pregnant so bad before he left - something more to make the time go faster; I also have not family here so it will be me and my daughters by ourselves. I miss my family and friends though no one knows I am trying. I don't want all the questions. And I do get alot of support coming to this forum. I cry with you all, rejoice with you all and pray with you all for I know how you all feel. Good luck to you all. Millions of Baby Dust!!!!! :)



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