IVF and preg. symptoms
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Beth - December 9

Hi Ladies-I had 2 embryos transferred last Fri (12/2) and I go in for my preg test on Monday. I am taking prenatals, baby asp, estrogen and prog. supp. I have been on every website learning about early pregnancy symptoms and I don't think I have any. Well, maybe...although I think any that I do have are psychosomatic!! I have a large chest, so the soreness thing is always an issue with me. I have been staring at them in the mirror wondering if I can see more veins and larger nipples. I've been eating like there's no tomorrow, but I've always been a good eater. No discharge and no nausea that isn't induced by my mind...I don't think. I have had lots of pain since my retrieval, so I'm not sure about the abdominal discomfort being due to the retrieval or a possible. preg. I haven't had AF cramps, but I don't think I will while I'm on progesterone...right? I just wish I was experiencing all the symptoms I hear about. I know everyone's different and if implantation is going to happen, it may not have happened yet...but I guess I'm asking what you ladies think? Thanks for listening and good luck to everyone ttc! Lots of Baby Dust!!


rudi - December 9

I just had three embryos transferred on Tuesday (12/6). I'm wondering about symptoms myself. I know it's early, so I don't know what to expect. I do feel twinges in the abdomen from time to time. I had a slight brown discharge this morning but it only happened once so I don't know what that means. It's hard, because symptoms can be different for everybody.


beth - December 9

rudi-is this your first ivf? i hear that symptoms can include twinges in the abd. and slight discharge due to implantation, but it seems early for implantation. Everyone's different though, so hopefully it's a sign of implantation for you! are you on progesterone and estrogen? i'm on both and of course the hcg trigger about 12 days ago, so i don't know if my few symptoms are due to preg. or the meds. my dh keeps asking if i have morning sickness and i want to say yes so bad, but i just don't. i'm trying to stay positive, but i am cautious. i guess i just have to wait until monday when i see the dr. when do you go in for your preg. test? I do have one piece of advice for you...don't do a hpt. i had 2 + hpts for one of my iuis, but i wasn't really preg. so that was a serious let down. well, i'm thinking really positive baby thoughts for you! i'll keep you posted on my symptoms or lack thereof, and please keep me posted too!


Anna - December 9

Beth, I've never had IVF before, but I know that implantation typically occurs between 6-10 days. If the embryos are going to implant, I think it has probably already started by now. Not everybody gets implantation s/s and pregnancy s/s may show up right away or not for a few weeks. It's still really early for you, so I wouldn't get too worried about it. I only got implantation cramps right after I got PG. Other s/s didn't show up for another 1-2 weeks later. I know it's hard to wait it out, but Monday's right around the corner! Good luck and *baby dust* to you! And you too rudi!


beth - December 9

anna-thanks for your feedback.


Rudi - December 9

Beth, this is my first ivf. I'm on prometrium and I've had to get two more hcg injections since the trigger. I have one more on Monday. The nurse says the discharge could have been a result of the progesterone. It only happened once so it's hard to say.

Good luck to you on Monday. We're about one week apart....hopefully we can go through pregnancy together, too!


beth - December 10

rudi-how i would love to go through pregnancy together!!!!!


Rudi - December 13

My beta is on Sunday....I'm starting to get anxious! I also started feeling like AF is
coming. She needs to stay away!!!! (Smile) I have had some discharge, but it seems like it's from the progesterone suppositories. Who knows? Sunday can not get here soon enough!!!!


beth - December 14

rudi-I got a bfp!!!!! I go back in tomorrow to make sure /hcg is increasing. I feel really positive for you! Don't test early. Stay busy and Sun. will be here before you know it!! Let me know what happens. Lots of baby dust!


Anna - December 14

Beth, a big CONGRATS you new mommy to be! I know how it feels, so you must be on cloud nine right now! I'll be praying for you that everything goes well and you have a wonderful, healthy nine months with a beautiful baby to follow! **baby dust** to you rudi for a bfp on Sunday!


Rudi - December 14

Beth!!!!! I am so excited for you! I've been checking here periodically hoping you would give us an update. Congratulations....I'm soooo happy for you. I will stay busy....and I won't test early. You give me hope!


Rudi - December 14

I'm so excited for Beth I forgot to say thank you to Anna for the baby dust!

Thanks, Anna and Congrats again to Beth!


beths - December 15

anna-thanks for your thoughts and wishes...and yes, i am absolutely on cloud nine. i know it's early, but i feel really good about this! rudi-only 3 more days to go...i'm so anxious for you. how are you feeling? are you having any symptoms? what meds are you on?? i can't wait to hear from you. keep me posted. lots of happy baby thoughts!!


Rudi - December 16

Beth, how are you feeling? Are you feeling symptoms yet? I know the excitement has to be overwhelming. I've had mild cramps off and on. The last few days, I've been light-headed off and on also. I'm doing the prog. suppositories 3xday, baby aspirin, and prenatals. I don't know if what I'm feeling is a result of the progesterone or not. We'll know on Sunday! I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks so much for being here.


Rudi - December 19

I got my beta results yesterday.....it's a "low positive"...a "19". The RE is cautiously optimistic. I'm very concerned because of my miscarriage over the summer. I really need encouragement. I test again tomorrow and need the numbers to go up!


Anna - December 19

Rudi, don't get discouraged! It may just be that your hCG level is low since it would be early pregnancy. I'll be praying for you that you get good news tomorrow! **baby dust** to you!! :)



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