IVF and Hypersimulated Ovaries
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Gigi19 - May 21

My friend started her IVF a few weeks ago. She had her eggs extracted last Tuesday and then implanted on Friday. She said that she was in a lot of pain all weekend. When she went to the doctor they told her that her ovaries are over simulated and that her ovaries are acutually larger than her uturus at this point. She is very, very tiny (maybe 103lbs at 5'4). Her first pergnancy was through insemination and they had to take the baby out 3 weeks early because there was no room for her to grow. I am very worried about my friend. They put in three cells and she is hoping to hear something next weekend. Does anyone have any experience with this? She makes it sound like it's all normal and I beat her doctor is making it sound that way too (I don't like her doctor). What is the outcome with this sort of thing? I should mention my friend is 43 years old. Please any information would be appreciated.


Tink - May 22

it is somewhat normal to hyperstim. especiall for those that suffer from PCOS. the average number of eggs collected is between say 7-13 or so. some folks produce a lot more say 20-30 and that can be very painful. that is usually called overstimulation and some docs will just advise extra bed rest until the pain subsides. it can be painful even to move. I think the stats are it happens in about 1% of patients. but it isn't anything new. it is officially called OHSS - ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. patient may experience weight gain, severe bloating etc. Some patients may require hospitalization to have fluid drained to make them more comfortable, but that is an extreme case. usually just some rest and time help it go away. usually it subsides within a week or so. if she does get pregnant, it can actually take longer to go away and hurt for longer. but if her period comes, it helps it go away faster.


Gigi19 - May 23

Thanks Tink. Does this conditions effect your chances of getting pregnant?


Tink - May 23

i don't believe it affects your chances at all. it just means your friend will be uncomfortable for a bit. and if she does get pregnant, the condition sticks around longer. Since they put in 3 embryos, she just now is waiting and officially actually considered pregnant, since there are 3 embryos inside. at this point, she just has to wait for one or more to implant into the uterine lining to make its home for the next 9 months. at this point, she just has to take it easy, no heavy lifting, no saunas, hot tubs, hot baths, no over-exertion etc. Other than that, it is in God's hands now.


Gigi19 - May 23

Thanks Tink. She is coming back to work tommorrow. I hope things go well for her.


Tracy88 - May 23

I did a cycle of injectable hormones and hyperstimmed. I also got a positive pregnancy test! I was on bed rest until about week 10, or until the size of the ovaries were a size that the doc felt comfortable with. I was on very strict bed rest due to this, though I'm not sure how your friend's doc is handling her case. I just gave birth 3 weeks ago to a beautiful baby girl, so just advise your friend to rest up and drink tons of water and gatorade. Do they have her going in for ultrasounds to monitor them shrinking? I was going in weekly or bi-weekly, I can't remember.



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