IVF - how soon can they tell how many "took?"
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babyforcole - October 15

Robyn, do you think being home helped your pregnancy this time?


ROBYN - October 15

Shon - i totally believe that the lack of stress really helped me this time. When i was working it was midnites with weekdays off, no holidays, no vacation, mandatory overtime and being on mandatory callout i was getting 4 hours a sleep a day because i would get off work at 6am fall asleep by 7am then have to get up to get my son from school and be up till the next day i dont know how i did it for 2 years i would literally cry every night when i left the house at 930 pm. It was awful but being stress free i beleive really played a good part this time. Though regardless we would have lost that pregnancy with having no amniotic fluid it sure didnt help getting grief every doctor appt i had to go from my job. Now i dont even have to deal with them anymore. As for the vaginal pills that you mentioned i dont know what those are sorry. Yeah the whole IVF cycle is trial and error especially the 1st cycle. The Re is learning what you respond to and what you dont respond to and alot of us do get pregnant the 1st time. I guess the only way to know how the remainder of your cycle goes is obviously to go thru it. You more than likely have a great chance of it working the 1st time especially if you Re feels confident that it will. My RE gave 50-60% chance on the 1st IVF and it increased on the 2nd IVF and they both worked. So remain with your positive attitude its a great one to have. I was always so sure it wouldnt work and was surprised that it did.


babyforcole - October 15

Thanks for all your help Robyn. Although the re's are there, I still don't want to ask him all the things I ask you. #1. He's so busy and #2. I'll get a textbook answer and it's good to get the answers from someone that has been through it.


ROBYN - October 15

Shon no problem trust me asked just as many questions and when your cycle is done you will be answering tons of questions for people too. I dont mind at all as long as i am not giving wrong info. But i know where your coming from with asking them all the questions i usually bothered the IVF nurses all the time. But my REs were so down to earth they didnt care what i asked or when i bothered them. My husband would say hell for the amount of money we paid them they should be at our beck and call 24/7. Trust me when i needed my RE he always returned calls and after any procedure he always checked up on me and even after the BFP he would call and say these are the numbers i wanted to see this time this is a great. OH did you ever call about the 2 missing bcps???


babyforcole - October 15

no, honestly, I didn't want them to be mad and I didn't want them to make me take two more and delay my time. I would have taken one yesterday and today, by the time I would have called them I would have taken it today and then tomorrow which would throw everything off I guess so I didn't call. I was scared. I figured two days can't hurt that bad........when some people don't have to take them at all depending on the re. He said he prescibes them to take the cysts away.


ROBYN - October 15

I am sure your fine its a good point you made that alot of people dont even have to take them the worst is you get your period earlier anway which more than likely will happen. I would be ALOT more concerned if you missed an injection then i would say it could totally screw up your cycle.


HoldenBaker - December 4

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MELISSAgg - January 16

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