IVF + high FSH levels
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jensta73 - April 13

I am just about to begin IVF - I start taking the down regulation drugs next Thursday. I have recently been told that there is a 1 in 4 chance that I will not respond to the stimmulation drugs as my FSH reading was 12.5 but we are still proceeding. I am 32. My partner and I are so worried about the next few months. It is bound to be an emotional roller coaster. Have just worked out that if I do manage to get through all the stages I will found out whether or not I am pregant just as my older sister gives birth to her 3rd child. So anxious about the heartbreak. Anyone got any words of support - similar stories?


jbricenos - August 9

Perseverance is the key . In the clinic where I work we´ve had cases of pregnancy in patients with High fsh levels and have got pregnant. Although likelihood of pregnancy is low it´s possible...Go ahead!!! [email protected]


lifequest - August 9

Jensta73, I just want to wish you luck, don't give up to soon, ~baby dust to you~


isa - August 9

I am almost 41, my fsh is 12.36 and I stim fantastically. (I did injections for 6 months for iui's and one month hyperstimmed I had over 18 eggs but couldnt convert to ivf b/c we didnt have our b/w done). I have other issues for not getting pg that I found out about but i make follies like crazy so do not worry about your slightly elevated # as my doc refers to mine. You are not considered high fsh you are slightly elevated. High is over 20, which is perimenopausal, over 15 they start having some concerns but people still get pregant in the low 20s. I will be doing ivf soon if/when we get the go ahead (waiting on other health tests before we can go ahead). good luck


Ann1 - August 9

My fsh is 12.9. I was about to do ivf and my dr had told me that I would probably not respond extremely well to the meds but that I should respond. So, I was going into it knowing we probably wouldn't get 20 eggs like some people but that we would likely get some (and hopefully some good ones). In a shocking turn of events, I ended up pg naturally as I was waiting for ivf. The fact that you are only 32 makes your chances even better (I am 37). You are doing the right thing by trying ASAP. Good luck!!


Ann1 - August 9

jensta, also if you don't respond well enough, they can do a cycle where you don't do down regulation. It is called a "natural start" cycle. You may want to ask your dr about that if you don't stim well enough the first time. I really think your chances are much better than 1 in 4!!


baby1234 - August 10

Jenesta, Hi. I just turned 34. I have been trying for #1 for almost 2 years. I just recently learned that I had a fsh level of 13. I totally freaked. My doctor said that while the situation is not ideal, my age pretty much trumps the fsh level. That made me feel a little better, but I did go through some time of thinking I will never get a baby of my own (I still battle the thought every now and then). I did my first cycle of meds--clomid and gonal f-- and responded well. I had 4 mature follicles for an IUI in July. Unfortunately it didn't take. I have 2 cysts this cycle so I am not on any meds now, but I should have the green light for Sept. I probably won't get to IVF until Dec. or so. I did start taking wheat grass (read that it can help) and acupuncture. Please don't give up...we can be strong for each other! Stacie



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