IVF / Acupuncture....6th time lucky??
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jg - August 16

Hi there. I came on here ages ago to give support - dh and I did IVF five times unsuccessfully, then fell pregnant on Clomid. We have a beautiful toddler (boy 14 months old), and chances are that if I had another laparoscopy to treat endo, we could conceive again naturally. However we still have an embryo in storage so are going through an IVF frozen embryo transfer cycle right now. I have to up the dosage of my estrongen pills tonight, transfer should be about the 27th August. For the first time I am going to have acupuncture in line with a study that was done in Australia that showed pregnancies resulted in frozen embryo transfers 50% more than normal when acupuncture was done two days before the transfer, again directly before the transfer and again directly after the transfer. Has anyone tried acupuncture and been successful at achieving pregnancy through IVF?


roxy01 - August 16

Hi jg. I'm in Aus and there is heaps of success stories here with doing acu and IVF together. I have just had my 3rd session and am loving it. I've never had IVF but am recovering from 2 mc's and wanting to ttc again. They say it relaxes the uterus so it doesn't reject the implantation. Try to find an acupuncturist that specialize in fertility. I hope you get success with it! They have reports on the news every couple of weeks with all the success stories, so it must be good!


Justine1 - August 16

Hi JG. I got pregnant with my DD Sophie through IVF with ICSI (1st attempt/didn't try acu). After DD was born though I did acupuncture and got pregnant naturally 5 months after she was born (a surprise) with a little boy so I'ld say its worth a try (as long as your clinic are OK about it). I'm 18 weeks now. It could just be a coincidence but I've heard people say acu helps. Its very relaxing - I loved it. Good luck ttc no. 2.


Ann1 - August 16

I did acupuncture w/injectibles (no success). I kept doing the acupuncture treatments, and I was going to start ivf when I fell pg naturally. I think it works! Good luck w/your transfer!!



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