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ambrosine - August 9

hi ladies, im currently 6dpet and due to test wednesday week, anyone want to wait with me as im going nuts and crying. I have terrible cramps, a craving for beef, and moody....would love to wait with someone..

ambrosine *UK*


ambrosine - August 9

no one? boo hoo


thayward7 - August 9

Hang-in there! I am not going through IVF, but IUI. Just thought you could use some smiles! I am also in the 2WW - 6 days post IUI. This is my 4th cycle using clomid, metformin, hcg trigger and IUI. This cycle I am also using progesterone support, and am feeling really positive. How are you?
- T


whynotme - August 9

I am also 6 days post IUI and I can definitely wait with you! How many embies did they transfer?


isa - August 10

ambrosine join us on the ivf threat called:
Starting IVF in July/August--Support for first timers.
Some gals are in their 2ww with ivf, some are still stimming and some are still waiting for the ivf day to start. You'll get lots of support and can compare notes.


Mega - August 10

Good luck Ambrosine! I'm not in the 2 ww yet, I start my 1st IVF cycle today in fact. But I wanted to wish you well. I'm also on the Starting IVF thread, we'd love to have you join us. By the way, I've got my fingers' crossed for you, your signs sound promising!



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