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Terry - February 19

Hello girls. How are we this weekend? Well, I driving myself crazy! I just want to know if i'm pg!. I had to get out the house yesterday. I drove down to South Padre Island and saw my dad for a little while and then drove the hour and half and came home! I probably did something I should not have done! I told my sister and her man, that they did not deserve kids. It was really meant towards him, and my sister knows this with all my hormones raging. He is worthless. I told him that too. Anyway, he is a 36 year old man, who does not want to work and live off the system. And expects everyone else to care for his kids. Just pissed me off! Oh well. I may of said it in the moment, but deep down I believe it true! Just stressing it! I find out with the dr if I got pregnant on the 27th. I hope I can hold up that long. Just got back from grocery shopping. I'm going to make dumplings cause it is so cold outside. Down here we are usually in the 70's and right now we are in the 40's. That's cold for the valley! Anyway, I also got a first response test and want to take it, but will try to hold off! That is going to kill me! Well, hope everyone had a good weekend.! Hope all is well with you Justine and Helen. Sophia sounds like a piece of heaven. Soon Helen will have a piece too. Tina my prayers are with you and hope you have a healthy baby.


Jaqi - February 19

Well, I guess from the Lap done on 2/8 and maybe a lil stress, which I don't think I really have, AF is not here. Today is day 28 but she is nowhere in sight. My AF has been off since 12/04. I hate this stuff! :o) lol It's cold here today! It was in the 80's on Friday and today is 25 and a lil bit of ice on the roads. Another crazy day in Texas I guess.


Helen - February 19

hi girls...Tina, what an ordeal with the meds. i can't believe you're doing the retrieval on Monday. how many days of stims was that? so, tell us how many follicles you had and what were the sizes? i hope you'll be able to get at least 20 eggs!!! i'm so excited for you. let us know how the retrieval goes tomorrow and i'll be thinking of you. Justine, Sophie is so special. i can't wait till my baby says those words to me!!! how are you feeling? is the acupuncture helping with the balance? Terry, you have to hold off on the hpt. try to wait till the beta at your RE's. i know how hard it is...but try not to stress so early on. do you live in Texas? i visited South Padre Island once when i lived Houston. it was so hot there but the beach was nice. hope the baby is snuggling up in your uterus by now. LisaD, thanks for your thoughts. i would love a little girl. how is the nursery coming along? you're almost in your 3rd trimester right? take care of yourself and don't work too hard. Jen, how's your cycle coming along? when is your next appt? Michele, has the witch showed up yet? they are never here when we want them to but always manages to show when we don't want them to. Amy, how's your weekend? Nina, where are you? hi to everyone else. baby dust girls!!!


Helen - February 19

hi girls...that post was me. i logged on but somehow it didn't register that time. hi everyone!!!


AmyR - February 19

Hi ladies!! Another busy weekend for me. I went to visit an friend in NH, and we had a great time. I'm trying to get all of this traveling out of the way before I start IVF, and also trying to pass time. March 2 I meet with High Risk OBGYN, to see how my cervix is, and then on the 3rd with my RE to start IVF.. Im so excited. Tina- So sorry to hear about the ordeal that you had, and i can't believe that your retrieval is tomorrow, I'm curious about the eggs etc., same question that Helen asked so please tell us. Helen hope you're feeling well, and Hi to Jaqi, Jen, Michelle, Justine, Hope you ladies are enjoying your weekend.


Michele - February 19

Hello Everyone!!
Congratulations Tina!! You are ready to start again...how exciting!! AF did come today so I started my Etrace and Baby Asprin. With a FET it looks like I'll have an US in a week to see if my lining is adequate, then I wont have the transfer until day 18 or 19! So more waiting. At least I can map out days now. Terry, how many days post transfer are you?? Helen, hope your ultrasound goes well...we all will be anxious to hear. Jaqui...maybe if you start soon, we'll be in this round together!! AmyR- depending on your cycle, you may be close to us too!! Tina, you are in my prayers tonite and tomorrow...get lots of rest, and drink lots of fluids!
Tons of baby dust to everyone!!


Tina - February 20

Hello, I can't believe my retrieval is tomorrow either! I have gotten some rest today, which was well needed. We are not sure which day we will have the transfer. In order to do a 5 day transfer, I will need to have at least (6) grade B fair quality eggs to do a blast. They will be calling me thurs am to let me know if we will have the transfer thurs or sat. On saturday, I had about 22 follicles, on my left ovary I had a 18.5mm, 16.5, 12,[email protected], 2,10mm; right was [email protected], 15,13.5,2@13,11.5,11 and 7,10mm. Hopefully most of these have eggs in them that are mature to retrieve. We are also doing the ICSI this time, as well, so that should help more of them fertilize. They are also doing the AS (Assisted hatching) where they help the embryos break from the zona before they transfer them back and we are transferring TWO THIS TIME :-) for sure, no one is changing my mind!! lol Michelle - glad to hear AF is here and are getting ready for your FET. So that should be around beginning of march, right? what protocol/meds do you take with a FET? Helen how are you feeling? I can't believe I was only stimming for 8 days, seems like I just started! This cycle seemed to fly by! Hopefully, the 14 day wait will fly by too, esp with the progesterone shots, not looking forward to those again :-( yuck! Nina, where are you? Justine - sounds like I am on the same schedule as you were (same month-feb, same say retrieval/etc), hopefully, I have the same luck and I get pregnant this time and have a little girl as well. My mom wants a grandaughter so badly, plus DH has a 14 yr old boy, so woul dbe great to have a little daddies little girl. Amy/Jaqi/LM/Terry - glad to hear ev thing is going well! Baby dust to you.


Jaqi - February 20

Ok, I guess I spoke to soon! AF decided to grace me with her presence yesterday, and really let me know it through the night! For some reason, since I skipped in 12/04, I've been thrown off track. Now, it's getting back to the 28days deal, but now for the last couple of months, it will be kinda light for the beginning, more than spotting, then start normal. I guess that's the lovely endo. I'm sorry if this is TMI, but I write it just in case others have the same problem and don't know they could have endometriosis. I didn't know until I had the lap done. How is everyone doing? Tina- good luck on the retrieval! Michele- it would be cool if we could go through this together butttttttt I have to wait a month or two before I can start the process due to a possible job promotion. AmyR- how are you feeling? Lisa- hope everything is going well!!! Justine- hope you and baby are doing excellent! Helen- how are you doing?


Louisa - February 20

Thank Goodness for this new thread! Was going to suggest it but seeing as I am not a regular didn't want to intrude. Tina, hope all went well today! Keep the fluids up and rest rest rest!! Hope you all are well and staying strong! I just got back from a weekend away with my DH celebrating 6 years of marriage!! To say we needed this was an understatement. We didn't bring up babies or IVF at all during this time which was like a breath of fresh air. We start the blood tests on Wednesday and round 2 of ICSI. We decided to have a back to back transfer as I feel fine, body feels relaxed (had a full body massage this morning to end an amazing weekend) still alittle emotional but I guess that comes with the territory. Btw... has anyone gained ALOT of weight through this process?? I feel like I am going to be a beach whale before I even fall pregnant!! Wishing all the girls here a truck load of luck and support! xoxox


Michele - February 20

Hello all, I called my RE this am and I am on track for the transfer next Thursday! I can't believe it...less waiting than I thought....I will be about a week behind you Tina. I do have an US/blood levels to make sure my lining is good next Monday 2/27, but if all is well the transfer will be 3/2. I am all of a sudden getting so excited again. I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate all of the chat/support. This really is a great site!! Tina, hope your ER went well today, and you have tons of mature eggs!! Keep us posted. Helen, hope you are good, There is a great book I think you should check out called "Calm My Anxious Heart." I already know you are a reader. This is a great inspirational book that teaches you not to worry!! It may help with the anxiety. Jaqui- the wait ths month will go fast! Lousia, Glad you are back...As I mentioned before, this is our 2nd round with ICSI as well, Although they are doing a FET from Embryo's they made in January. Are you doing the whole thing again?? So far protocal for FET is easy...no shots yet....just Etrace x3 daily, 1 baby asprin, and prenatal vitamin.
Thinking of you all!!


Justine1 - February 20

Tina - Hope the retrieval has gone well today. Its almost a year to the day I did my ICSI - hopefully it'll be lucky for you too and you'll get a lovely baby in 8 and 1/2 months or so! How many eggs did you get? Hope everything went really well. Helen - Hope all is well with you and the baby. How are you? Do you have any symptoms yet? Its good you'll get to see your baby on Friday again. The acupuncture was good - I go again tomorrow and am going down to London for a couple of days with my mum and Sophie on Wed and Thurs - I'll probably see people were I work. I'll also take Sophie to the IVF hospital if I get chance. Sophie is fine - happiest baby in the world! Terry - Hope you're pregnant now. Jaqi - Hope you get that job. Michele - That's great you can do the transfer next Thursday. Hopefully there'll be lots of babies around November time! Louisa - Glad you had a good weekend. Happy Anniversary! Amy - Glad you had a good weekend too.


Tina - February 21

Hello, wanted to do a quick check in to say hello. ER went well today. I am tired and sore though! They got 12 eggs today, and hopefully most of them fetilize. We should hear back on thurs am to see when our transfer is, either thurs or sat. I am on all this med, it is so hard to keep track! Medrol and tetracycline for the ICSI, dostinex to maintain my prolactin levels, pren vitamin, and the most exciting one, Progesterone shots! I almost forgot how fin they were, I had my first one in a while tonight, yeah! NOT! Louisa - happy anniversary! that is great you got away and feel better! Michelle - great news! your are just about a week behind me! Jaqi-good luck on the job! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Justine, have fun in London and enjoy your acupunture! I bet you feel nice and relaxed after. Does the needles hurt? I want to try it, but I was nervous, I guess w/all these needles w/IVF I should be a pro by now. Where is Nina? she should be due to start soon. Baby dust!


AmyR - February 21

Hi all... glad to hear all of the new today. Jaqi- I know what you mean about the endo, I didn't know I had it either until AF was off, and I just felt plugged up, and after Lap I feel better. I think that we could very well be cycling together for IVF, as I should start the beginning April I think. Tina- Glad your ER went well today, 12 eggs are great!! You need to rest now, and I know that the meds stink, that's one thing that I am not looking forward to at all. HI Justine- enjoy your time away and acupuncture too. I bet the IVF team jus tloves to see Sophie. Michelle-wow the transfer is next Thurs... I can't believe it!! You go girl!! Helen- Hope you are feeling well today... Friday will be here before you know it. Hi to everyone else... Hope I didn't forget anyone.. Hi Louisa and Terry!


Helen - February 21

hi girls...Tina, sounds like the retrieval went well. can't wait to hear the fertilization report with ICSI compared to last cycle. do you feel much pain? i'm so thankful i'm finally done with the PIO injections but the suppositories are no fun either. i hope you can do your transfer on Sat. take care of yourself. Michele, i'm also excited for your transfer. thanks for the recommendation on the book. i need all the help i can get to get over this anxiety. i think i'll feel much better after Friday's appt. Justine, you're so lucky to be going to London. is it a mini vacation? how long do they give you for maternity leave? i really don't have any symptoms except for the sore breasts and dizziness. i still have some slight cramping and abdominal pain when i switch positions. although, today i had some watery discharge.(amino fluid leaking?) i'm wondering if i should be worried? i'll see if i have more and call tomorrow if it persists. Louisa, happy anniversary!!! i hope your 2nd cycle gets you pregnant. i actually lost weight from all the meds getting me bloated and indigested...didn't have much of an appetite. Amy, when you go in on the 3rd to your RE, will you be starting bcp's? your cycle is coming up fast. once you start, everything goes by so fast until after the transfer. then it crawls at a snails pace. Jaqi, hope you get that promotion!!! glad to hear your cycles are regulating. how long ago have you had the lap? Terry, how's the 2ww coming along? don't do a hpt till this weekend. i know how hard it is...wish i can give you some words of wisdom for patience but since i have no patience myself, i can only say take it one day at a time. i'm also counting down the days till Friday. Jen, where are you in your cycle? when is your retrieval? keep us posted. take care girls and i'm sending you tons of baby dust!!!


AmyR - February 21

Good morning! Helen- that book sounds great!!! When I go in on the 3rd, I'm not sure what he has in store for me... but yes I think that I prob will start BCP, but you never know. On the 2nd I meet with a new OBGYN but High Risk, so that they can evaluate my cervix. Well ladies have a good day!!


Justine1 - February 21

Hi everyone. Tina - Glad to hear the retrieval went well, hopefully you'll get a lot fertilised. You're on so many meds - I just had the progesterone suppositories after the egg collection for 14 days. They seem to like their meds in the US but I think their success rates are usually a lot higher than here. Acupunture needles you can hardly feel at all - there's no pain at all! Shame IVF needles can't be the same! Hope the transfer goes well. Hi Helen - Everyone gets up to a year's maternity leave by law in the UK, though the pay you get depends on your employer. I also get 30 days (6 weeks) annual leave a year at full pay. I was on full pay for 6 weeks, then half pay for another 2.5 months (as long as I go back) plus £100 a week from the state, then what the state gives you (not much - £100 a week, about US$180 a week) for the next 2 months then for the last 6 months nothing. Its pretty generous with my employer. Also if I adopt I get the same terms and conditions, which is nice but not very common I think. I also get 6 weeks annual leave at full pay during my year's maternity leave - I like that! I'm not sure when I'll go back yet - I have to return in October at the latest. From what I remember (Health Warning: That isn't very much with my brain at the moment!) watery discharge is quite common. Hope the scan goes really well on Friday. Amy - Hope the appointments go well.



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