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Jaqi - February 17

Don't worry Helen if you didn't write it..I'm not worrying over it...adopting is an option for me.....but I would also like my own.


Justine1 - February 17

Hi everyone - Well appears to have struck again and requested the new thread pretending to be Jaqi. LOL. I fell for that one and started IVF 2! Although this thread is long and we could move over if people want - I don't mind either way. I've registered now as you can see.


Amy - February 17

Michelle- The only mention of the transfer was that it will be done in 3 days after ER. I wished I had remembered to ask about the benefits of 5 day vs 3 day, but I didn't so sorry!! Hi to everyone else hope you're all doing well.


Jen - February 17

Hi everyone! Helen-I'm so glad to hear your good news..how wonderful it must have been to see your little miracle!! Can't wait to hear how your next u/s goes and hope then you will officially graduate from the RE...I can't wait for that day too!! Amy- I'm glad to hear your seminar was good...I know that when we went to ours it only got me more and more excited and I found myself counting the days until we began. Hope the days go fast for you! Nina- I guess I must be a wimp, but I always ice the area before I do both my Lupron and my Follistim shots! They don't hurt at all this way, it just takes alittle longer because you need to numb the area. Justine and Helen- thanks for the support with my cyst. I had another u/s today and the RE said everything is looking good and I go back on Sunday for another u/s. I can't believe that my retrieval will finally be sometime next week...I can't wait! Take care everyone and keep us posted!


Helen - February 17

hi girls....i also registered so that stupid person can't use my name anymore!!! this is so silly...how immature and ridiculous this has gotten. Justine, you're not the only one that fell for it...i had a good laugh despite her stupidity :o) WELL, GET A LIFE!!!! Jen, how exciting it must be to see your follies growing. i can't wait to hear about your retrieval. Girls, i do think it's a good idea to move over to the new IVF 2 thread as this one is getting so long.


Helen - February 17

hahaha...you are so funny and so smart!!! girls, that last post wasn't me either. what an annoying little pest we've seemed to have gotten. just ignore her!


LisaD - February 18

Hi Helen--I believe that I measured small at first as well, and just as Justine said, it turned out to be a girl!! I guess this is the year of he little girls...How are things going now???

Justine-How are you??


Jaqi - February 18

Ok just so ya'll know, I have registered also since well, likes to use my name. I am going to the other forum with this message just in case we go over there and so everyone knows :o)


Test - February 18




Justine1 - February 18

Hi Lisa - Good to hear from you. I'm doing fine. Hope you and the baby are well. Hi everyone - We're moved to the new thread IVF 2 now. Some of us have also registered since someone (oka Well) has been posting on here (and on IVF 2) pretending to be Helen and Jaqi. Hope to see you there everyone!


Justine1 - February 18

Hi Girls - New thread started called IVF 2. Hope to see you all there.


robin - February 19

hello all hope everyone is well my husban and me are tring ivf for the first and last time waiting on ptest and going nuts not knowing if it worked or not



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