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Eva - September 14

i've heard that ivf doesn't work that well? is that true? my husband and i are thinking of dong it but don't want to spend all that money if there is little hope of it working.


Jemma - September 15

The success rate of IVF depends on many factors - age, history of recurrent miscarriage, uterine physiology, etc.

But as an overall average, the success rate ranges from 10-25%. You may think that is low, but has been a significant improvement from just 10 years ago.

But, I do understand that cost is a big factor.

I would go talk to a doctor to find out more.


luvbites - September 17

I recently went through IVF and from all the info I've read it really depends on why you are infertile. Male factor or female factor. If you are able to produce good quality eggs, you have a terrific chance of conceiving. My husband had extremely low sperm count (<3 mil) and we did IVF. I had 3 cycles total (2 fresh IVF cycles and 1 frozen) I am now 5 weeks pregnant from my 2nd fresh cycle. I always had good quality eggs and it was just a matter of time before 1 implanted. I wish you the best of luck.


Carla j - September 18

We' ve tried IVF 3 times and it's not working with us!!! I wonder why and how many times can we try it?


lilly - November 5

it does depend on many factors, I will tell you that my husband and i tried it once, we implanted 2 and got 2!!! We have 8 mo. old twin daughters. I am only 23 and very healthy though. We had a male factor. Good luck!!


My friend Anne Marie has had 2 - November 6

we are waiting to see if this one takes. She can tell you so much about the statistics and such please join us at


tracey - November 26

im not sure if im in the right place,but my husband and i are starting ivf for the first time and just wondered if anyone fell pregnant first time


Lara - November 26

I've read some information in big city Fertility Clinics about a money back guarantee option. This sounds very interesting and may be worth researching. I think the overall cost will be a little higher, but if you don't conceive then you really do get the cash back. Kinda like their internal insurance policy funded by their clients.

Anyone had experience with this type of system??


Muffy - December 13

i have done it 3 times, gotten pregnant 2 times. it depends on your ivf dr. ,why you are unable to conceive. as far as the money back guarantee- i heard of one place that will give you your money back, if you try 10 times. no lie. what that many times does to your body...? look into the rates of sucess of your clinic. average is 25%, my clinic has a rate of 34%, they are also more expensive than most. i feel the extra cost is worth it if it works...


tracey - December 15

the hospital said that i have unexplained fertility they cant find anything wrong


Anne - December 15

I think there is usually a 50% chance of it working. My husband and I just did it this month. I think it is worth trying at least once if you have the money or insurance.


nancy - January 30

I've heard from my doctor that rate of success for ages between 35-40 is 40% and after 40 is 20%


LisaD - July 1

My doctor told myself and my husband that we are going to have to do IVF to conceive. I have so many mixed emotions about it. Can anyone help out??


Justine - July 1

Hi LisaD - My husband and I were also told there was almost zero chance of us conceiving (due to male infertility) without IVF with ICSI (same as IVF but sperm is injected into eggs). I was very upset to be told this and terrified of doing IVF. In the end I decided to try IVF once and see what it was like. I took a drug called Cetrorelix which makes the treatment cycle much faster than normal (2 weeks instead of 5) plus 2 weeks of progesterone but the progesterone part is really easy. Embryo transfer is painless and takes about 5 minutes. I found egg collection only slighly painful though I was in pain and bleeding after it. I used another drug called Puregon as this has a higher success rate than other drugs. The treatment wasn't nice for me (esp. as I'm thin the injections hurt but only for 10 mins each day though slouching your stomach really helps - in the end it didn't hurt at all) and was very expensive but it worked first-time for us fortunately. It often takes around 3 attempts depending on problems and female age and how good your clinic is. I'm now 21 weeks pregnant and I'm glad I did it (though not sure I do it again but we can decide that later). If you do the quick drugs I'd say its basically horrible for 2 weeks but in the scheme of things 2 weeks isn't that long and its worth all the suffering to get a baby. Good luck.


LisaD - July 2

Justine...Thank you so much for answering me. We begin orientation on the 20th of July, so I am not even sure of any drugs that I will be taken. It took a while to settle in and it was very emotional, but we have decided to begin. When they collected the eggs did you get general anteshia? My doctor told me that they will knock me out for it. So, putting them back in was okay? I am hoping it works on the first try. He said that we are both very healthy, but I do not ovulate the same every month, so it is hard. My husband also had shingles, so the doctor thinks that that may have wiped out his sperm, so he feels that it is our only option. It is a small sacrifice to make for a child!!!


Justine - July 2

Lisa - I was given a drug to make me drowsy during egg collection - I was awake but it was fairly painless. It hurt after for 2 days or so but you can take paracetomol for that and I also bleed like a light period for a few days (some people don't bleed). I had a lot of follicles - 35 so that's why I bled. Good luck with the treatment - hope it works first-time for you too. Are you doing IVF with ICSI? In my hospital they always do that when there's a male problem involved. Putting them back was really fine. The egg collection is the end of the horrible part then its easy. Taking the pregnancy test is nervewracking though!


LisaD - July 3

I am not sure if he is doing ICSI. He did not mention it at all, so I do not know. That is a question I will ask. Plus I wrote down all the drugs that you took, so I want to ask him about them as well. He seems to think that we will be very successful on the first try. We are both in our 20's and very heatlhy (well except for this), so he is very optimisitc. I am hoping...fingers crossed. Thank you for all of your help!!



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