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hoping - August 6

Getting ready to start Lupron injections for IVF, has anyone been through this already with any tips.


eb - August 14

I don't have any tips, but i go for my first appt. with fertility specialist on 8/29. I have blocked tubes and have had an hsg. Can you tell what to expect the first couple of appt.


Yas - September 1

Hello Hoping --
During my first completed IVF cycle,
I injected Lupron at a low dosage and it was painless. However, Micro Dose Lupron burned me!

My first cycle was cancelled b/c my doctor feared I would hyperstimulate. This is when I used that dreaded Micro Dose Lupron.

I am now five weeks pregnant with no complications. I'm hoping all continues well. Good luck!


to yas - September 2

Yas did you get pregnant from the ivf and what drug did you use with it. What are the odds of gettting pg from ivf?



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