IUIs & the HCG shot and when its given
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jee2 - May 31

I will start y first IUI this month. My doctor has given me a prescription of HCG. He has also scheduled me for an IUI on cd 15 and cd 16. Is he going to give me this shot on cd 15 when I go for the IUI because I have no other appointment to go in? I keep reading that it is best to wait atlest 24 hours after the HCG shot...so now I am confused. Any advice at all on an IUI with Clomid and the HCG shot will be great!!


JB0405 - May 31

Hi Jee, I had an IUI performed recently but I had the shot the day before the IUI...although it was unsuccessful, I believe that I will be doing the IUI again soon. I am also on Clomid and Gonal F right now. Call your dr and ask if he meant to schedule you for an HCG shot... dr could have thought he/she told you, etc. So make sure and call him/her... let me know what happens... Lots of BABY DUST...


jee2 - May 31

Thanks JB. I just called the office and the secretary says I should just bring the shot and they will look at the u/s to see if I am ready and then he will give it to me there and perform the IUI the same day and then another one the next day. It is pretty strange that it is the same day, right? Everywhere I read it says the HCG shot should be done a day or so before the IUI...
BTW...Is anyone else's DH feeling awkward about IUIs? Because mine is and I dont know if I should be just sensitive and put it off for a month, or just do it because I want it so bad. I wish he would come around and I think he will before the IUI...but I am not sure. I really think it is the do it in the cup problem coupled with the fear of the unknown...We have been TTC for 2.5 years...and I am really ready. What should I do??


jee2 - May 31

Sometimes this whole fertility thing wreaks havoc on my relationship with DH. Anyone else in the same boat? I think hearing other stories might make me feel better. THANX!!


slowpoke01 - June 1

i will be going in june sometime to have an iui the dr told me to start taking clomid on cd-3 until cd-7 and on day 13 i will go in for hcg shot and within 36 hours later i will have iui i dont know if that helps or not this is my first iui


DB - June 1

I didn't do IUI, but I read that it's good if there are sperm waiting for the egg to be released, which is why he probably wants to do 2 IUI's. I think it sounds OK. Good Luck.


JB0405 - June 5

Hey Jee... I see my girl slow has been here... Hi slow!!! Jee, my dh HATES the idea of that little room and the cup. We've only done the IUI once, with out going into too much detail, I can tell you that I assisted him, which made the process that much easier & more comfortable for him. We're supposed to have another IUI soon and he is again very grossed out but I told him not to worry, I will be there. lots of baby dust to you...


slowpoke01 - June 5

hey jb- havent heard from you lately was wondering how you were doing i started clomid sunday so i will be going in around the 14th for hcg as you know this will be my first iui but my sister will be with me not my dh we are using donor sperm so he is gonna keep working instead of taking off that way we can pay for these treatments since we have no insurance hope all is well with you sry that first iui didnt work out alot of people say it is the 2nd one that gets them pg good luck to you



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