IUI without meds?
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Becca - October 6

Hi girls, to give you a brief history, dh and I have been ttc for close to 2 years now. No success, obviously. I O every month on my own and dh's count is spectacular. I have had all the tests done including hsg, hysteroscopy, post coitle (sp?), fairly regular cycles (usually 28-29 days, but occasionally it will be longer like 35 days). Basically there is nothing wrong. Well, last month I went in for my u/s the day that I was Oing and they said that my cm was too thick for dh's swimmers. They wanted to do IUI that day, but dh couldn't get out of work do "make a donation". In january I plan to switch insurance companies to a carrier that will cover IUI. At that point I would like to try a few months of IUI to see how it goes. My question is, how important is it for me to be medicated. I tried clomid one month and it was AWFUL! The dr wanted me to try a different newer kind of fertility drug (I forget what it is called) but basically, I am leary about any drugs that are not totally necessary. I mean, if I'm Oing on my own regularly, what is the point of taking the drugs. Has anyone gotten pg with IUI and no drugs? Thanks in advance for your opinions/advice.


linds99 - October 6

I really think your doctor's rational for putting you on the drugs is to "time ovulation" so they can do the insemination at a predictable time and to speed it up to increase the egg quality. Because even when you are normal, ovulation is still an unpredictable event that occurs anywhere between cd 14-21 in some women,varying every month. I would say talk to your doctor about the fact that you would prefer to have more frequent vaginal sonograms to measure the follicles you are producing on your own this next cycle. Then have your blood drawn on about the time the follicle reaches maturity at about 17 mm (which is a good follicle for a nonmedicated cycle) (docs like them at least above 20 on a medicated cycle). Then if the blood shows the LH surge, and follicle size is good, and the uterine lining is swell at above at least 6, I think they can then do the insemination. I was gonna do that the first time, since I appeared to ovulate on my own, but still opted to do the Clomid because I have PCOS and ovulated late in the cyle on CD 17-21. But I'm sure if it made you feel better to try it this way, your doctor would oblige.


Becca - October 6

Thanks linds. My O signs are so prominent each month that it is impossible for me to miss them. I've gone for u/s and blood monitoring for 2 months and both times they were able to pinpoint O exactly. For the last 10 months my cycles have been 28-29 days except for 2 times. the first was when I was on clomid and I had a 19 day lp (what was up with that) and the other time was the first time I went to see the RE, I think I was just nervous and it delayed O. My lining has always been plenty thick, and they've always seen the egg reach maturation. I really think that the results would be the same whether on drugs or not, so I think I will opt for not unless the dr can give me a really good reason. Thanks for your advice linds. Does anyone have a success story for IUI with no meds?



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