IUI waste of time??
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18 Mo. TTCer - November 14

Hi Ladies: I feel so guilty right now. I have scheduled an IUI this afternoon- DH needs to leave work early...come home...fill the cup...go to hospital...fill cup again...we have to wait for it to be "washed"... go to the medical center and get it injected. Now- My problem is that I think I "o'ed" early this month (Fri). So much scheduling and running around- work schedules re-arranged. I don't have the heart to tell everyone I think my time has come and gone. I feel so guilty. The OPK hasn't shown a +. Maybe I am completely wrong. Maybe tomorrow I'll spike. Just babbling.... ARGH!!! I hate this whole process. I envy the people who conceive quickly and naturally. I'm tired.... tired of waiting every month for AF. Tired of waiting for the next appointment. Tired of having sex when my body calls for it. I'm tired. The saddest part of this whole thing is that my situation probably isn't nearly has troublesome as others'. My body is "fine". Spermies are the issue. So I do understand there are those of you out there with a worse senario and need to constantly drug your body to make it "work". I guess I just needed to vent. 18 months of TTC can make a woman crazy! DUST to you all- may we all find our pots of gold at the end of the rainbow... Thanks.


Mega - November 14

Have you been doing the OPK everyday, from mid-week last week thru today? Why do you think you O'd on Friday? Did you have EWCM or anything like that? Are you temping? I'm just curious. I hope you don't get your spike til today. Good luck. Hang in there. Vent away. It's rough dealing with infertility, whether it's on the male side, the female side or both sides. It plays with you. Good luck. Keep us posted!


iui gal - November 14

why do you think you o'd on Friday? I think you should call the clinic and see if they can do somehing to tell you like an ultrasound before you put all through the process and having it be too late. Did they not monitor you through your cycle to find out when you will ovulate? If you did ovulate on Fri today is too late for iui not to mention added expense. Call and ask them for a pre u/s but dont let them use any cremes to insert the wand incase you are having the iui -it can kill the sperm. if you ovulated call dh and tell him not to come. If you havent they will know right in your cycle how close you are to ovulating and make a better guess.


18 Mo. TTCer - November 14

I started OPK just yesterday- lying to myself that I probably did not surge yet...I have been temping...and cm was more the EWCM type on Friday. I am slightly over my cover line today---- :o( Also- my dr. hasn't been doing u/s because this is our first shot at IUI and I'm not taking anything to assist with ovulation. She is going by my info... The only positive part of this whole thing is that at least my insurance is covering the cost. I know...I know- how terrible of me to be so "wasteful" of the system. I guess I am more embarassed than anything else. EVERY other month I "O" on cd17.. I can't believe this month is so different-- Figures, huh?? Thanks ladies for responsing- I truly appreciate it.


sherry - November 14

you do the iui the day after your surge, so if you think it's passed that time, they shouldn't even be doing the procedure, as they can tell from u/s they do priori, whether or not you have ovulated. i have a gorgeous daughter from 1 round of iui, and ttc again, and i think iui is the best thing that ever happened to me. maybe thru more time i could have gotten preggo naturally, but i didn't wanna wait any longer, i wanted a baby and got one, so if natural ttc doesn't fly again, we will go for round 2. hugs, sherry


K - November 15

you might want to ask for sonos. I don't trust the opk's as the only method for determining o. The egg white cm is a good sign. I hope you did a bd that night. Good luck.


me - November 15

I wonder why your dr is not monitoring you more carefully when scheduling a procedure such as this. Some drs go as far as putting you on anti-O meds until the time is right. May I suggest having your dr monitor you more closely, rather than just going by your past months. The dr should know that not every month has the same O day, so that has me concerned for you. As for feeling guilty about missing the timeframe, I would not be hard on yourself, especially since the dr didn't monitor you closely. I know it is frustrating, but your time will come (as will mine :) EWCM is a good sign that O is approaching, not that O is necessarily that day. Hope this helps you a bit. I hate having sex on a schedule too, but our time will come. Vent away my good woman!


18 Mo. TTCer - November 15

Ladies--Thank you so much for your support. Sometimes I just don't know what the right answer is or the next best step--- I too was surprised that the dr. went by what I thought would be the best day. I went through with it-- just have to wait and see what happens. Crampy today- a bit more than I was yesterday. The next round (if there needs to be one) won't be until January (DH and I taking Dec "off"). I will definately speak to the dr. about using a more precise measure of my "o-ing". Thanks again... DUST!



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