IUI w/o any fertility drugs
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Hana - March 13

Are there anybody who had IUI done with only OPKs? What kind of schedule did you have? My doctor told me to use an OPK at 6 in the morning. If it comes out positive, come in the office at 8 to collect sperm, and get an IUI done at 10.


tara - March 13

I did a cycle no fertility drugs but was monitored with ultrasounds not opks. Had one good size egg but no luck. Most opks if you read the info with them say dont use first morning urine (or at least the ones I have used in the past said that.) Mine said to test between 2pm & 8pm for the best results I think it was. I always got my positives between 4 & 5 at night.


Hana - March 13

Thanks, Tara. I thought that I should use OPKs around 2pm, too. I am using Clear Blue, but this just says that you can take them anytime. I really have started having some doubts here. . . .


SashaP - March 13

Hana I always get false + using the first morning urine. I didn't know what was causing the problem until I switched to the Dollar Tree brand it says on that one 10am-8pm. I haven't had a false + since. My dr's even put off iui for another month b/c it was to difficult to tell when I O'd. My O was confirmed with bbt and blood work. BBT helps alot when ttc. Good luck. Baby dust and belly rubs....


Lydia - March 13

Hana, my RE told me to take two opks daily. One in the morning and one in the evening. Maybe thats a little safer.


Ann - March 13

Hana, With the opks, you will O within 24-48 hours after you get a positive. Your iui timing could be off if you do the iui then, because washed sperm doesn't live as long as unwashed sperm (I've read it lives for 24 hours but have seen 12 hours too). Is your dr not going to give you ultrasounds to monitor your follicles? That method is much more accurate than the opks. But this could be the extra help you need. I hope this works for you!


Hana - March 14

Thanks, everyone. Yes, I have started using OPKs twice a day from today. 6am as my RE told me, and 6pm as I think I should. My RE is going to give me ultrasound when I come in, too . But I also think the schedule my RE is trying would put me on IUI too early. You know what, I am really started having some doubts on the ability of my RE. By the way, the nurse I talked to told me that the washed and processed sperm can live for 48 hours, but I don't believe it. I am getting very very upset and confused now. Good luck to y'all and thanks a lot of.


lilly2 - March 15

Hi, Hana, I am worried too and i think that post washed semen can survive may be 24h but no longer.My mom heard that in some womens bodies it can survive just for a few hours.My iui is this friday if all ok.I am testing opk but last time i asked for trigger shot b/c i think is more effective.I could easily cach positive opk with testing 2 times daily and it's ussually stays for 2,5 days.I feel less presure with trigger. I am on puegon 50ml and what is your fertility drug?Baby dust to you girlls.


Hana - March 16

Hello, ladies. I have not had a LH-surge yet, but I had egg-white looking cervical mucus yesterday, and I am feeling some ovulation pain. So I know that my ovulation is very very soon. But anyway, I went to the dr office this morning and had an ultrasound done. No hcg shot and we are still going to wait for my natural ovulation and LH-surge. I am going to get my IUI done tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I guess my RE really thinks I should get this cycle done naturally.


Hana - March 16

lilly2, I googled on this issue and found out each doctor has a different theory. Some say only 6 to 12hours and some say up to 72 hours. Also, like you said, it depends on the condition of cervical mucus, too. By the way, we are doing this cycle all natural! I am not taking any drugs. I am hoping your IUI goes well tomorrow.


lilly2 - March 17

Yes, Hana that's true, every doctor different.I had hcg shot this morning at 8.30 and iui is at 2.30 today.Now I am waiting home to go again b/c my darl has to bring semple at 1pm today.I had no lh surge yet but on u/s had 4 eggs20,19,17,12mm.Hope it will give good fruitfull results this time.Doctor allmost refused to do iui b/c hi dosent like 3 large eggs, they prefer 2.As well, this clinic like to do iui the same day when you have trigger shot b/c they like semen to wait for the eggs to come out.Hope you'll get your opk positive soon.Good luck to you and a lots of baby dust to all.


Hana - March 17

lilly2, I am very excited for you now. SO this afternoon, you will be getting IUI done. Your follicles look very good, don't they? I had a negative result on OPK this morning again. I will take the test this evening, too. Whether I will get LH-surge tomorrow morning or not, we are going to have our 1st IUI done tomorrow morning. Good luck!!!


lilly2 - March 17

Hana, GOOD LUCK TO YOU,mine opk was negative yesturday toO, but after hcg trigger shot it came out positive, so dont worry, i think if your follies are good size, nurse may trigger you.I will make shore to have trigger shot b/c i am more confident about ovulation.This morning is still positive, so we will keep bd for today and next day too.Keep you in my prayers and keep informing us.



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