IUI w/ LH-timed ovulation
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Apple - January 13

Hi, guys! My doctor suggested we should have IUI without any medication since I have a mature follicle every cycle. Although I know that this way can prevent us from getting pregnant with multiples, it made me wonder if this can give us less chance to get pregnant. What do you think about this, guys? I need your insight. By the way, I have a history of endometriosis, and my husband has a little low count of sperm...


Annie - January 13

Hi Apple ! Our doctor told us that in theory, we have slightly higher chances of getting pregnant when we produce multiples follicles, but that's the theory. In fact, there are a lot of things that can affect the success of IUI (male or female issues, age, timing, preparation of semen etc...). In our case, we have male issues. I monitor ovulation each month with LH strips and it works very well. My doctor suggests to try 6-7 IUI under natural cycles before switching to medication. But each Dr has his philosophy. I wish you all the luck !!


jc - January 14

low sperm count- than definately iui or icsi ivf. Depending on age sometimes depends on whether they put you on meds or not. I was 39 when I started trying for #1 and have same issue as you and I've been on clomid and injections and natural cycles. Your chances are better with iui than natural if you have sperm issues but more eggs doesnt mean better quality. The doc will look at your fsh levle and other things from tests to see how well your egg supply is. If its a high number they will decide on meds or doner eggs, if it is under a certain number they dont like to medicate you until you have tried several months without meds since they really dont want people to have mulitples due to risk to moms and babies -higher miscarriage rates, smaller babies, early births with defects in hearing/eyes/brain develpment etc. He is probably just trying to see how the iui is naturally before they think of meds.


Elyse - January 14

Is your Dr. an OB or a fertility expert? Fertility drugs will help you to develop more than one mature follicle, and each has a 25% (I'm pretty sure) chance of being fertilized, so the more mature follicles you have, the more chance of becoming pregnant BARRING any other issues. But it sounds like you have other issues - low sperm count and endometriosis are problems that are addressed with other medical intervention. You should definitely talk to a Fertility specialist!


Apple - January 14

Thanks, everyone. I had a pelvic ultrasound, and my Dr. told me I have a mature follicle naturally....so I guess he wants to try IUI without any medication. I also had a laparoscopy this month, and he told me we are going to have a better pregnancy rate for the next 6 months. As for the male issue, my Dr told us that we still can get pregnant even naturally if we get very very lucky. Perhaps, that is why he thinks that we can get pregnant without nay medication? By the way, my Dr is a fertility specialist, and I am 28 years old. I guess every dr has a different philosophy, as you say.


sherry - January 14

well the more follicles the more chance of getting pregnant. i had 5 mature eggs, with clomid/iui, and have 1 child from it, but should have had 2, and could have had more. it's a risk. it's better to have iui with one egg, then regular sex with 1 egg, cause the sperm is deposited much closer where it needs to be. good luck


Apple - January 16

Thank you all for sharing your insight and experiences. I will talk to my dr and see what he has to say about our situation at the next appointment. Thanks again.



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