iui using a donor
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mmelo - May 7

just checking in
any updates ladies?


slowpoke01 - May 8

mmelo-no update on me. we took a few months off but are starting back this cycle. how are you doing? anything new with you?


amygirl - May 8

slowpoke01 so your husband is ok with a nother mans sperm?that is quit interesting.what if the baby turns out to look like the sperm donor?will he still be ok with it?this is just a simple question.i mean no harm.i just worry about you.


mmelo - May 8

Hi slow,
I am taking some time right now to re-evaluate. I spent over a year going back and forth to the fertility clinic. My prolactin levels are still an issue and the dostinex gives me some mean side effects. I went off of it in January and subsequently my periods have stopped again. IUI may not be feasible. I had thought about using donor embryos but since the child will not be either of ours biologically we decided to spend the money on the adoption process instead.
Maybe we can re-visit IUI/IVF afterwards.


dunne - May 8

I was hoping to get your opinion on donor eggs, I am 43 and the re feels by eggs are not going to be viable. I'm not sure how I feel about this since the baby will not have my dna. Both my friends that already have children say i will not have regrets if we go ahead since I would be carrying the child myself, that child will be mine whether we have same dna or not. My thoughts are how do you tell your child they are not blood related, how will they take it. I realize it is not the same as adoption but I do wonder what my chold would think. Anyone have any views on this I would really appreciate listening to them...Thanks Sam


slowpoke01 - May 9

AMY-he is perfectly fine with a donor. it was his idea. he wants a kid and he said anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a daddy. he will raise it and support it and if later down the road we split up it will be no different. what is your problem anyway, the only time you have anything to say is when you are badmouthing someone elses fertility issues. if you are here that must mean you have issues as well. i guess that since you have admitted to having a mental disoder that maybe your husband doesnt want a kid as whacked out as you are. MMELO-adoption is great. if we dont have a child of our own then that is an option for us as well. DUNNE-i think that with a child being inside you for 9 months that you will bond and you will be its mother even if not biologically. they even have some open donors now days so that if your child later wants to meet them they can. good luck to you.


slowpoke01 - May 9

by the way AMY-you should go get you some help. i know that you claim to have a mental disorder and all and maybe you should go get some meds to help you out with all your hostility instead of always bashing women for trying to have a baby.


mmelo - May 9

Dunne, I agree with Slow. I think you will bond with the child regardless if biological or not. As for what to tell the child. I think you have to follow your heart.
Once upon a time(my parent's generation) infertility was so hush, hush that even adoption was kept quiet. I think that these days however, there are so many different options for becoming a family that when the child is old enough to understand, it really won't matter. As for amygirl, generally I just ignore posts like that because they are just looking for attention.


slowpoke01 - May 10

MMELO-you are right. i think that you have to follow your heart there is a book and i will try to find the name of it to help people who are using donors when telling your child. i will find the name and post it here.


dunne - May 10

Thank you for your responses ladies...of 3 friends I know that have children all of them said they would do donor eggs if they could not use their own. This info really means a lot to me too because they all know what is it like to be a mother and feel that if I was carrying the child it would make no difference. I guess I have been stuggling with it because I do not know what it is like either way. I went to the doc yesterday and she has now put me on b/c pill to bring on af and then she still wants me to try clomid for max 3 months, after that we will try injectibles with iui and then donor eggs if all else fails. Since my age is a factor we cannot try for too long without results and the only thing going for me right now is that since I have never tried to get pg before we don't know how fertile I may be...Anyway thanks again Sam


slowpoke01 - May 12

SAM-good luck to you i hope that you dont have to go the donor route and that you are highly fertile. wish you the best.



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