IUI tomorrow, anyone else? Let's wait it out together!
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JamieLynne - August 23

I had my midcycle u/s today and I am taking the ovidrel tonight. Tomorrow I am scheduled for my iui. I am looking for someone to pass the 2ww with....


Tracy88 - August 24

I will join you although I am still unsure when I will do the trigger shot. I have an u/s in the morning (Friday) and if all is well, I will trigger tomorrow night and have IUI's on Saturday and Sunday. So, I will wait with you if you'd like my company. This is my first month of injectables with IUI's, in fact, I've never had an IUI before. My u/s yesterday showed four follies, two on each side, but each ovary had a dominant follicle, so I will probably ovulate 2 or 3 eggies. My bet is on 2.


JamieLynne - August 24

Hi Tracy88 - I would love to wait with you. I had my iui today (this is actually our third cycle of clomid with injectible and iui). I had a lot of follicles on each side - each side had one big one (one was 27 and the other 30) - so that looked good. My dh's numbers were 5x higher than the last two rounds so that is really promising. I am hoping this round works. We have been ttc for two years now - how about you? The iui is very painless just a little uncomfortable - no big deal. Well good luck this weekend and keep me posted!! I am glad we can wait this out together!


Tracy88 - August 25

I have also been trying for two years. Sounds like things are looking good for you this cycle. I have an ultrasound in the morning to check on my follies to see if they are ready to trigger. I have a feeling they will be. Wow, your follies sound healthy and girthy!!!!! A 27 and a 30!!!! Holy cow! I hope this is your month. I know first hand how hard it is to keep up with TTC, so....let's hope this is the end of this road for both of us. I am 36 years old and have no more time to waste!


JamieLynne - August 25

I understand about the time - I am 28 but my dh is 41 and does not want to be 50 with a baby - so time is of the essence for us!! Good luck tomorrow....last month was really hard for us. We did an iui that ended in a miscarriage. We were devastated but in the end we realized that it meant something did happen - so it gaves us some hope for this round. Please keep me posted as to what you find out tomorrow.... good luck and baby dust to the both of us!! :)


Carole - August 25

JamieLynne! I just wanted to say good luck to you. I was wondering how you were doing. I tried a natural cycle this past time. My cycle was 55 days long with ovulation on cd 42. I temped, opk'd and watched cm. It was such a long cycle but nevertheless I did ovualate, just really late. We may try another meds/iui cycle in September. I have my fingers crossed for you. Good luck to you to Tracy!!


JamieLynne - August 25

Hi Carole!! How are you? That is good to hear you ovulated on your own. We are really hopeful because of dh's great numbers.... I guess only time will tell. I am a little nervous because I just got a new job and we have to change insurance companies. I am scared that they won't cover all of this because they will say it is a pre-existing condition. Hopefully this round worked and we won't have to worry about it!


Tracy88 - August 26

JamieLynne, if there is no lapse in time when you switch from one insurance to the other, call your old company about getting a letter of "Creditable Coverage". Then make sure the right person at the new company gets that letter and you should have no problem with pre-existing condition clauses. I just went through all of that so......what I did was talked to the rep who handles our companies insurance and she guided me through then I got the letter to her and she got it all taken care of. Good luck with that. I had my u/s yesterday morning. I meant to post.....my head was up my butt I guess. I had four follies.......two 16mm, one 14mm, and one 18mm, so we decided to stim for one more night (last night), I am doing HCG trigger tonight, then having IUI's tomorrow and Monday mornings. I should have at least two or three follies, maybe all four that could be "possibly" fertilized. There is only a 1% risk of triplets or quads, 20% risk of twins, and there is always the risk that none will take. Wouldn't that just suck????? God please just grant me at least one!!!!!!! So, I am a little bit behind you in schedule here, but I am going to stick around if you don't mind. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping we all get pg from this!!!


Tracy88 - August 27

OK people, IUI is at 9am tomorrow (Sunday) so wish me luck and positive vibes!!!!!


celestia1977 - August 27

Good luck Tracy!


Tracy88 - August 27

Thanks so much celestia! I'm obviously a little nervous and couldn't sleep later this morning if I tried. I'm not nervous about the procedure, I'm just nervous that it's time for all this to happen and hopeful that it will work. Thanks again!


celestia1977 - August 27

I hope it works out for you...how many times have you tried before?


Tracy88 - August 27

I've never had an IUI before, but did three cycles of clomid, then had laparoscopic surgery, and now am in the midst of my first cycle of injectables (gonal-f) and back to back IUI's. Today is the first of the two IUI's. Going in about 10 minutes. How about you? Have you had IUI's etc....?


celestia1977 - August 27

I had 2 IUIs so far. They don't hurt though. I was put on Clomid and Prometrium for the last cycle (which was 2 weeks ago Friday). I think I got my AF yesterday, but I'm not sure. Guess we'll wait and see. Good luck with IUI and baby dust to you :-) Let me know how you progress.


JamieLynne - August 27

How did it go Tracy?? Sorry I wasn't around to post sooner, my brother got married this weekend so I have been quite busy. Let me know how it went. Things are good with me. God how I hate this 2ww....


lucy206 - August 28

Hi - I am having an IUI done tomorrow am. This is my first time. Little nervous. Did the trigger shot this evening.
Does it hurt? From what I have been reading it feels kind of like a pap. Any insight would be great.


celestia1977 - August 28

Hi Lucy. It doesn't hurt that bad when you do it, although you may feel a little cramping afterward, like a mild period cramp. It's okay though, nothing too bad.



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