IUI Today - wanna wait w/me?
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Two Moms - January 30

9th and FINAL IUI today, anyone wanna wait with me?


Mega - January 30

Good luck! Oh, I hope this is the ONE for you. Tons of baby dust! I'm not in the 2 WW now or anything, but I wanted to wish you luck. Keep us posted. Hang in there.


Two Moms - January 30

Thank you! How are you doing? I have read some of your posts, but it's so hard to keep up on everyone's cycle.


gigi23 - January 30

what do you mean 9th and final.. I had my second IUI with clomid last sat the 21st so i'm in my 2 week wait.. good luck to you!


Elyse - January 30

Hi Twomoms - long time, no chat - were you taking a break from the forum - we all need it now and then. I really hope this is the one for you. My partner and I got a BFN this month, so we will try again - it's so disappointing and expensive. Will you just have the 1 IUI or will the doc do 2 - 1 today and 1 tomorrow?


Two Moms - January 31

Elyse...Oh, Im so sorry about your BFN. Are you going to continue on as before or try something different? Yes, I did need a break from the forum. The forum can be bittersweet. It's so nice to have women going through the same experiences to chat with, but at the same time it can be depressing. I talked to my RE about having 2 IUI's, but he wasn't that excited about it. The good news is that we met with our new RE last week (she's fabulous!) and since my partner and I are on the same cycle (you know how that is) we are going to be having our testing done for IVF next cycle. That's if Im not pg. So we are hopeful and optimistic with all this new IVF info. Our RE is very excited too and takes great care of us. When will you be trying again?


Two Moms - January 31

gigi23...Yes, it's true, this is my 9th and final IUI. If this doesn't work, my partner and I are going to try IVF. How are you feeling? You are due 2/4?


Mega - January 31

Hi Two Moms. Yes, I remember you from other posts too. I know what you mean about having trouble keeping up with others' cycles, it's all I can do to keep track of my own. Ha! I'm not doing much right now. I just had my 4th IUI cycle cancelled so I'm just hoping AF will hurry up. Then I'm having a laporosocopy as soon as they can squeeze me in. After that it's on to injectables. So, IVF. That must be exciting, & maybe a little intimidating. Though hopefully you'll find success with this final IUI. I'll keep checking back for updates. Fingers' crossed!


Two Moms - January 31

Mega....Im sorry that your IUI was cancelled. That happend to my partner once when she was on injectables. She just didn't produce any folicles. She also had a laporosocopy b/c her tubes were "smooshed" from endometriosis, but were successfully repaired. Between the two of us, we've been thru the ringer. I will keep your fingers crossed for your surgery. It's not that bad, you should be feeling okay the next day. I had one of my ovaries removed back in '95. Now THAT was painful! My ovary is a trooper though, I produce a litter of folicles each cycle. Did you have and HSG done? ...Hang in there.


Two Moms - January 31

Elyse...Remember when we got "kicked out" of that forum? OMG....that was too funny. Hormones.


Mega - January 31

Thanks Two Moms. Wow, yeah, you & your partner have been through the ringer. Between you & her, the 2 of you have been thru it all. I actually produced follies this cycle, however at 13 & 14 mm respectively their growth stalled completely. Oh well. I haven't heard of building resistance to injectables though, guess it can happen on any drug. That's good though that your 1 ovary takes over everymonth. I always wondered about how that works. I'm glad the lap wasn't too bad for your partner, hopefully it won't be bad for me either. I don't think a weekend of my hubby playing nursemaid is a bad thing, it's well past his turn. :)


gigi23 - January 31

hi two moms.. yes i'm sure on 2/4 i hope i get a BFP... Good luck.. keep us posted!


Elyse - February 1

Hi everyone. Twomoms - nice to see you again. I think my brain is mush - what forum are you talking about that we got "kicked out" of? I'm sorry, I'm in a fog for the last week or so...


Elyse - February 1

Two Moms, I am so glad you saw a RE and love her - it is so important, because they have our lives in their hands and we really need to be bonded with them.


Lilly - February 13

Hi girlls, I am on clomid round 3 and this month I'll have my first IUI.After TTC since last june, one M/C in novembar, not expexting positive PT.All our results are ok, I am naturally O and nothing.We both down and sad and started thinking will we ever have so wonted baby?I was dreaming to have large family and now I cant even have one.Probably this weekend I'll go for IUI if all ok and if I have any eggs this month.Fingers crossed for all you and baby dust to all.


Elyse - February 13

BUMP - Twomoms - how u doing?



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