iui today
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carlon - December 13

hi all.. okay jsut had my first IUI today... i started my first round of clomid on day 3 and this am i woke up on day 10 with me ouvlating.. .so i had to take that chance and go and and get my IUI done. doeds this sound right to you all...


Ann - December 13

My dr starts checking on cd 9, so 10 sounds normal (a little earlier than average probably). Did you have a sono today? Good luck and I hope it works the first time for you!!


carlon - December 13

hi ann.. no sono today..jsut IUI i hope it works... tought it was early.. but oh well... good lukc to you too.... hwat day are you on


Ann - December 13

Hi carlon, how did you know you were oing? I asked my dr if I could just use the kits at hom to tell, and she told me that I have to come in for sonos before iui. She said the home kits aren't as accurate. Are there other tests? Or does your dr think the kits are accurate enough?


Carlon - December 13

hi ann, well i have the clear blue ferility monitir it's like 200 so i hope this worked for me...


Mega - December 13

Good luck! I hope you get that BFP this cycle! *Baby dust*


Ann - December 13

I went for my iui today. What day did the dr say is the earliest you can possibly get a + reading? I am supposed to discuss that w/my dr on Thursday, but I can't wait to find out. Also on Thursday, I am going in for another sono to make sure I ovulated. They gave me a half dose of the hcg shot today (only half because I have three follicles that look like they will release eggs). I am only on cd 12 today (sorry I missed your question the other day). BTW, my dr said for my dh and I to bd tonight and tomorrow night for extra tries. I had always heard before to do every other day. I will do what the dr says, though! How was your iui? Good luck!


carlon - December 14

hi.. they never said when to test.. i guess i will jsut wait for AF dont' want to get depressed for x-mas. How was your IUI, mine was good.. but i think i was early.. i Ovulated on day 10.. eary right


Mega - December 14

Hi Carlon. My dr always tells me to wait 14 days after the IUI, if AF doesn't show up then, wait a few more days & then if it's still a no show, call the office to schedule a beta test. HTH!


Ann - December 14

My dr told me that, assuming I have ovulated when I go in for my check tomorrow (Thursday), she wants to schedule a blood test for 14 days past iui. She said, with iui, there is an increased chance of ectopic pg, so she wants to test asap. Of course I will just cancel that appt if af, the witch, shows up. My iui went well. Last time it was pretty painful and I bled quite a bit after. This time it didn't hurt and no bleeding. Much better!!



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