IUI success stories?
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Kas-B - March 24

I wanted to just encourage you girls to keep trying. 2 years ago this forum gave me hope and today I have a healthy bubbly 1 year old daughter. I conceived at my third IUI attempt, I was getting discouraged but this forum helped alot so I want to tell you don't give up!


chorona - April 6

Hi all,
I have PCOS and recently went to a fertility clinic with my husband to try and fix the problem. We've been TTC for 4 months, I know that's not that long but because of my PCOS we were referred immediately. I went through a cycle monitoring but had to cancel it because I wasn't ovulating. I'm now on progesterone to get my period and then I will be put on Clomid to induce ovulation. My doctor has recommended that we do IUI once I ovulate. My husband's sperm count, motility, and morphology are borderline normal. I guess she wants us to do the IUI just to up our chances. Reading these stories gives me a lot of hope. It seems like everyone around me is getting pregnant and I'm so frustrated that we have to go through this. Please keep posting the success stories, they are very encouraging. I hope that all of you that are TTC get pregnant soon. And hopefully I will be able to ovulate on the Clomid and that the IUI is successful!!!


SophiaGrace - April 7

Hi! It makes me feel so much better about my situation when I read all of these!! I just got an IUI done on Sunday. I had finished my second cycle of clomid - the first cycle i was taking 100mg/night and i produced 7 large follicles so for my second cycle they cut my dosage in half. I triggered with ovidrel the friday night before and when i went in for the IUI on Sunday, I had 5 follicles. I just get nervous because i do not want to get disappointed again. All of my tests and my husbands come back normal and we have been trying for 1.5 years. I just want to say good luck to everyone!!!........and please pray that this works for me!!


MomToADog - April 8

My doctor couldn't explain why we weren't getting pregnant, all tests came back fine.

Talk about making you feel horrible, you hear about people having sex for fun and they 'just' get pregnant.

Then, when you are trying to get pregnant...no such luck.

I had my first IUI done on April 6th. The waiting is worse than anything I've encountered.

You try not to be mental. You try to do other things to keep your mind occupied. You walk the dog. Do the laundry. But you realize you are just going through the motions.

Every time you run to the bathroom, you are in fear of anything red or excited that you are peeing so much.
You read into every detail. This is torture.

But, at the end of the day, when someone calls to tell me it worked....maybe I'll be able to look back on this and know that it was worth it.



massrn - December 27

Im 33 and my DH is 31. We had a negative workup and have been dx with "unexplained infertility". My first round of IUI I had 4 lg follicles. 24, 23, and 2 were 16. My estrogen level was very high and my husband had a good sperm donation. I took the first cycle 5 days of clomid 100mg and used the ovadrel trigger. had a big discussion with my md and the nurses regarding the high risk of multiples i might have. i thought for sure i was pregnant but got my period on day #27. This cycle they decreased the clomid to 50mg, still used the trigger shot. still had 4 decent follicles. 20, 19, 16 and 12. day #28 for me will be Jan 1st. But today day #23 i have this left sided cramping. ive decided from now on im taking a hpt every day so there are no suprises. last month was a devastating blow. my insurance does not cover ivf. this process is so emotional and overwhelming. but its good to hear stories of people who got pregnant on try #3 or 4. Its not that I want to give up but I just feel like its not going to work!


amanda_jean - January 6

Hi massrn, Wanted to know if you received good news this month? I hope so! Your story sounds similar to my own. My husband and I have been TTC for about 2 years now with no success. I have done 4 months of Clomid w/o IUI and 2 rounds of IUI with Clomid and trigger shots. On Jan 6th I am going in for an ultrasound to see if I am ready for IUI #3. I usually have 4 healthy follices. I was really disappointed last IUI but I am feeling good for this round. I am trying to stay positive but it does get hard waiting to see if it is going to happen. I have the same feeling that maybe it won't work sometimes but I am trying hard not to let that feeling overwhelm me. I would like to hear success stories from others who have done 3 or more rounds of IUI. I am trying to decide if I would do a round 4 or try IVF (assuming my insurance will cover it most of it).

Anyone have any thoughts on IUI versus IVF after multiple rounds of IUI?

Good luck massrn!


massrn - January 6

Hi Amanda Jean
I wrote a response but it didnt post for some reason. I did not have a successful cycle and started another iui round again. I had my day #3 u/s which showed only 2 antricle (spelling/correct word?) follicles on the left and 3 on the right. The tech asked me if i was on birth control which made me want to cry. But the nurse called and said it was fine and to start the clomid. So I take that day 3-8, then have an u/s on day #12.. hopefully those follicles grow!! Thanks so much for responding to your post. I hope your u/s went well today. Pls update me on your month!


Shelley22 - January 9

I am new to this site. My husband and I have been ttc for the last two years. We have had a number of tests and it turns out my husband has a low sperm count and low motility. I had one failed stimulated IUI in December and am starting another IUI tomorrow. I haven't really told anyone about this so it is good to share my story with you all.


shah.dia.10 - January 13

We r TTC since past 4 years. M 32 now.
I had 2 failed IUI's last year.
I had my 3rd IUI on 12th Jan, I had 2 folicles of 19, 19 on day 10th and then I had IUI on 12th. I was on Letrozole from day 3 to 7.
Currently I am on 2WW.
This wait is killing me.
Anyone with 3rd IUI success story.
Also, any advise or Do's/Don't during this 2WW?
Please reply.


massrn - January 15

So Im having my 3rd IUI tomorrow. Had 4 good follicles.. 16.5, 19.5, 24, 29! I am so hopeful for this month. My doc usually only does an IUI for 3 tries before switching to IVF but my insurance doesnt cover IVF.. so maybe he'll give us another try if this doesnt work but Im so hopeful!


amanda_jean - January 18

Okay, a little bit of an update. I DID get to have my 3rd IUI on 1/11/11 and I had 3 big follices. The biggest improvement was my husband's count. Last time we did an IUI, his count was 9 million, but this round it was 58 million!! He was prescribed Clomid to increase his count and it worked. We are feeling really good this round but the 2 week is underway. We are not sure what we are going to do if this doesn't work, my insurance will cover one round of IVF so we might do that. At the moment though I just want to focus on being positive this month. I don't know about anyone else but it feels like everyone in my life is not only getting pregnant, but doing the ole fashion way. I look forward to that day being able to share my positive news instead of trying to be excited friend. Shelley22, I am like you where I have told many people, none of family so it is nice to share it here. I do get asked ALL the time by family wondering why we have had kids.
To all the ladies on this site, it seems that January could be the life changing month for (hopefully all!!) some of us, so let's keep being positive and keep our fingers crossed that a 3rd IUI is the way to go!
Good luck everyone, I look forward to hearing good news from many at the end of this month!


amanda_jean - January 18

Oh correction, I was typing too fast! I HAVEN'T told many people about the IUI. And my family is wondering why we HAVEN'T had kids yet...ah family.
Ok, that is my correction and my update. If anyone has creative ideas on how to responsed to the old question "When are you going to have kids" please let me know, I am running out of good responses :)


shah.dia.10 - January 24

I am at 12 dpiui.
Having light hedache since past 3 days.
Today feeling wammit sense.
I feel that my AF can come any time due to light vaginal discharge.
anybody having similar symptomps after 12 day post iui and resulted in BFP please let me know.

I am confused whether to take HPT now or wait for another week?



shah.dia.10 - January 26

Any update from you ladies?

Today I am on cycle day 2.

Consulted my doctor. He said that we need to take break this month and will do another IUI in march.

So this month break from all medicines/injections etc.

Keeping finger crossed.

I would like to take an advise I have OPK, when should i start testing it to detect ovulation ? day 11 onwards?

baby dust to you all who are in 2WW.


amanda_jean - January 27

Well after 2 years of TTC and almost a year of hormones, it has happened. I am pregnant!! I went to the doctor today to talk about other fertility options like IVF thinking I was getting my period today. But the period never came, so the doctor order a pregnancy test and it came back positive!! It was a funny way to learn that I am pregnant, but was happy to share it with my husband who was able to be at the appointment with me.
I am wishing Baby dust to everyone!! It WILL happen, I am proof.
Shi.dia--I recommend starting to test at 11 days, in the past I ovulated much sooner than I thought. I used the digital one because I had a hard time reading the non-digital one. I took a break from IUI last month and then got pregnant so a break is a good idea sometimes. I am sending positive thoughts your way ;)


massrn - January 28

Thats WONDERFUL Amanda Jean! So happy for you.. it gives me such hope that IUI can work!

I have a headache today and think im going to get my period any second. We'll see what the doctor will say.

Best wishes to you and all for everyone this month!



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