IUI success stories?
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ginger6363 - September 20

Because of my history of endometriosis, my doctor recommended that I not be off BCP for more than six months (I've been off for going 4 months now.) Thus, he recommended that my husband and I seriously consider IUI. It seems like an option, but I am a bit nervous about it. Do you know anyone who has had it done? Was the procedure a success?


whynotme - September 20

I had 4 of them and the 4th one was the charm! Don't be scared about it as it definitely will up your chances of conceiving.


aileen - September 21

Hi Ginger. My husband and I were diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" a few of years ago. After trying naturally for about a year a half we decided to do iui. The third try was a success and I am now 8 months pregnant with our first baby boy! It doesn't hurt and it's not that expensive. I would definitely recommend it!


ginger6363 - September 22

wow! congrats to you both!


ressie - September 23

I have just had my first IUI on the 9th of this month still unsure of it has worked or not. But i can say that it is not painful and everything went well I hope you do try this option.


Tracy88 - September 23

Ginger, I am 36 years old and have been actively TTC for two years with my new husband. I was also considered "unexplained" until I had a laparoscopy done in July. The doc cleaned up my baby making machine (lol), I took a month to TTC naturally while the doc monitored me to see how my body works on its own, then this cycle we did our first ever injectables with back-to-back IUI's. I am now 5 and half weeks PG with twins. I am proof that IUI's work. I credit a lot of the success of our pregnancy to the laparoscopy also. The doc found and cleaned up endometriosis, cysts on my fallopian tubes, adhesions holding my ovaries down, a fibroid on the surface of the uterus, polypoid tissue in the uterus, and extra tissue that looked like cotton candy in my uteran cavity. There was no indication that anything was even going on except painful periods, so the doc suspected endo, but not all that other stuff. We decided to do the lap before starting expensive treatments that would just put my body through hell if they didn't work. We wanted to know for a fact that there should be no reason why they shouldn't work. I'm so glad I did things in the order that I did because who knows how long I would have sat here and spun my wheels trying to get PG and wondering why it wasn't working. Since you have endo, has your doc ever brought up the option of a lap or have you had one done?


ginger6363 - September 23

hi traci, I am so happy for your success. Twins! That's awesome. I had a lap to remove endo back in 2002 and I had another surgery in 2005 on my uterus/vagina to correct an anotomic anomoly. The doc said in 2005 that my endo had not regrown much --not enough for another lap anyway, so I am hoping that getting PG won't be too difficult. I think my doc just doesn't want me to be off BCP for too long for fear the endo will grow back.


cromwell - September 23

Hi. Tracy and I are on the TTC over 34 board together. Ginger, did the doctor just check the endo when he went in the second time? I am worried about what the Clomid is doing and I am quite sure I didn't have a "good" af before he started me on a second round. I assume that af would be painful if I had a nasty case of it. He also said he checks with the u/s and takes measurements. I wish I weren't so cowed when I went in there and would just ask questions. Thanks, Laurie


ginger6363 - September 24

Laurie, don't be timid about asking your doc questions---that's what they are there for. Just let him know that you concerned about how Clomid will affect your endo, if at all. With my 2nd surgery in 2005, the surgeon did check on my endo and he said it there was a little regrowth, but nothing that needed removing. My doc checked the uterus on U/S last week and said he did not see the typical endo signs, so I am taking it a good sign. My doc just prescribed Femara. He said he liked it better than Clomid b/c it did not have a lot of the same side effects. I haven't taken it yet, but you should ask your doc about it. It's always better to be informed. Good luck!


slowpoke01 - September 25

ginger-i got pregnant with thr 2nd iui and clomid cycle but unfortunately had to terminate it because it was ectopic. which had nothing to do with the iui the doc said there is a 1% chance for each pregnancy to be ectopic (tubal) and i was just one of the unlucky ones. i will be able to try again in dec. good luck to you i hope it works for you.


sun - September 25

This is my first time here. Has anyone here experienced a partner with a low sperm count and still has gotten pregnant naturally or use iui?


kotkot005 - September 26

hi there. well this is my first time here too. i have just finished a 6 round of clomid were it was successful to induce my ovulation but no luck with pregnancy. i will schedual the Lap for this month and then we will try the IVI with injectables. i really have lots of fears that it will fail as clomid fails. anybody tried IVI afetr clomid fails???? tracy your story is just terrfific wish you a safe trip


Tracy88 - September 26

KotKot, I am so happy to hear that you are going to have a lap. To me it just makes sense to go in and see if there are reasons why the most basic infertility treatment did not work before moving on to the big guns. Altogether my lap is costing me $700, after insurance coverage, which is worth it because what if I would have spent $15,000 on IVF and it did not work? Slowpoke, sorry to hear about your ectopic. There is still hope though, so keep on keepin' on!!! Sun, I had a friend on another thread who was told that her chances of getting PG without IUI or IVF were low because her DH had count issues, but she got PG naturally by him twice, so........ I know each couple is unique, but IUI sounds like a good place to start. Good luck.


fullofhope - September 27

HI everyone. I posted last Nov, but haven't been back since. Ginger...like the others, I rec an IUI. I did my first IUI in March of this year. It was nothing short of a blessing, it worked the first time. Unfortunately, I had an ectopic and lost the baby at 5 1/2 weeks. My dh and I just started new rounds in August...so we've done two so far. AF is supose to come tomorrow & hopefully she knocks where she's welcome and not on my door...lol. By the way...it didn't hurt and it's around $300 (plus meds).


waiting4myangel0602 - April 17

This is my first time to visit here...I am 21 and my husband and I have been TTC for amlost 1 yr. I have PCOS and he has low morphology percentage. I have been dealing with OBGYN and have taken 3 rounds of femara - all BFN. He doesn't think he can help me with IUI so has referred me to RE. Has anyone had any luck with IUI with the same problems as we have?


Kelly-Marie - May 20

Hello everyone me and my partner (female) have been trying for a baby for the last four years we are on our second try of IUI we know the first try worked but we lost it due to me having a brian tumour. We had our insemination done on Sunday we have now got to wait 3 weeks to find out if it has worked keeping our fingers crossed.


jamers - May 21

My first IUI was May 5 and I got my BFP on May 18, blood test confirmed at Doc May 19!! My partner (female) and I are over the moon :)



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