IUI question
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Janet - October 20

If you can answer this question please assist. I will try to keep it brief. I've decided to try IUI; I made an appointment today. My next cycle is 11/01 and my predicted ovulation for next month is 11/14 - 11/16; is that enough time to have the procedure during my next ovulation?


Toni - October 20

I answered on the other thread. When is your appt though?


Mega - October 20

Are you taking meds as well, or will this be a natural cycle of IUI? How will you monitor your O? OPKs? I would think it would be enough time for you to have the IUI. Good luck, Janet! This is an exciting time for you.


Janet - October 21

Thanks Toni and Mega. This is my first time posting and I wasn't sure of the best way to post. My appointment is Wed 10/26. This is my first visit to the fetility specialist, I was referred by my obgyn.


isa - October 21

My clinic monitored me and did a bunch of tests first before we decied togo with the iui. We ended up monitoring 2 months, checked the tubes, check the dh sperm counts,motility etc and all the bloodwork and ultrasounds to find out what my levels were. After 2 months of monitoring (and ttc since Jan) we were suggested the iui route-our ages are also a factor (over 40). I dont know if they will do an iui just because you want one, there is a lot to consider.


Janet - October 21

Thanks Isa. Let me back up a little. We've been ttc for 10 months, DH sperm count low and we're over 35. My doctor thought we should seek other options after 6 months of ttc but we held out.


isa - October 21

Hey Janet, you sound like a good candidate. I hope your appt goes well -good luck and keep us posted on how it goes.


Mega - October 21

Good luck Janet. I can't wait to hear about how your appt. with the fertility specialist goes. I'm doing my first IUI on Monday. My DH has morphology issues & I have PCOS. We're so excited for our first cycle (& hopefully only cycle for now, at least). I feel like this will be our first real chance of conceiving. We're ttc #1, we've been trying for 14 months now. Babydust!


Judi - October 22

Mega, I just wanted to wish you good luck with your IUI! We tried for 3 1/2 years on our own before finding out that my husband has severe morphology issues. They gave us a 5% chance of conceiving through IUI, and I still got pregnant on my first one, so I think you definitely have a good chance of success!


Janet - October 24

Thanks all and I will keep you posted. Good Luck Mega. Babydust....



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