IUI painful or not??
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Dea - November 8

Hi everyone. DH and I have ran the gamut with drs. IUI is the next step. The HSG was pretty uncomfortable. Is IUI similar?? Different? How?? What can I expect?? I am interested in knowing before I'm on the table... Thanks!


Mega - November 8

Hi Dea! IUI is a little crampy like HSG, but not as bad, in my opinion. And for me at least, the crampiness of IUI lasted like 2 mins. max, if that. When the catheter was removed, I was fine. And besides, IUI is exciting b/c it has a very good success rate. I just had my first one 2 weeks ago. The IUI procedure is very quick. As I said, crampy but it doesn't last long. Good luck. Baby dust!!!


Judi - November 8

Dea, IUI was a little painful for me, but nowhere near as painful as the HSG. It only takes a minute or two...you'll be surprised how quickly it's over. I did have some cramping afterward, but it wasn't too bad, and totally worth it as I got pregnant on the first try. Good luck!


I agree - November 8

one of my doctors it is painful with like the hsg. one doctor is very good so it depends on the doc. its only uncomforable for a few brief seconds, a littel cramping afterwards and then you wouldnt even know it . Not pregnanat from them yet. I'm on cycle #2 with 2 iui's each cycle


Becca - November 8

The HSG and IUI are similar. Just ask the doc to inject the sperm slower. That helps with the cramping.


annette - November 8

IUI is a very simple process which takea a couple of minutes. but after that when u lie down for 30 minutes with ur hips elevatetd, u might feel a bit of pain. thats because the washed spermies entef the uterus and the tubes. Afterall thats where u want them to be!


dea - November 8

Thanks everyone for responding! DH & I are set to do IUI this Monday. It will be our first attempt after 18 mos. of TTC "naturally". I'm not on any meds... dh's sperms seem to be the only issue at this point. This time the 2WW is going to be even more unbearable! Baby Dust to all.


dea - November 8

MEGA- any +HPT yet???? Keep us posted!


lil - November 13

HELLO ladies , i have question here why did you have iui which kind problem did you have ? sounds silly i know but we have also problem with making the baby we are both healty but have bd problem and thought iui would be fastest way!


sherry - November 13

depends on the dr really. i had 2 iui's back to back, one with one dr. one with another, and the second one hurt, the first one did not. i took some darvocet painkillers beforehand. i had ovulation type crampin until af was expected but it never came. i was prego though it felt just like af. it's well worth it, and to me the hsg was a bit more painful. it isn't real bad.


sherry - November 13

we had unexplained infertility. no real reason why we weren't getting prenant. i could not wait any longer. 1st round worked. good luck to you. if you wanna get prenant faster, and not a very expensive route, iui is it!! best money i ever spent! sherry



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