IUI in May - Part 2
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jg - May 21

Wowee us ladies sure do talk a lot. LOL. Welcome to the new thread. Let's hope we continue the successful trend of April/May with LOTS MORE BFP'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jg - May 21

Hi everyone. I had my IUI this morning. IUI number five. It went well but I have a tiny bit of cramping which could be ovulation I suppose. Doctor said he will happily do a couple more IUI's but is on holidays next month, so I'm glad that we will have a "rest month" and then can continue. How is everyone else travelling? Any testers??? Who's 2WW'ing?


Sonyamac - May 21

Hi jg, the cramping is most likely from the iui..it is common,it is from the cathetar going inside the cervix, i have always had afte the iui's...keeping my fingers crossed for you on this 2ww! Hugs Sonya


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - May 21

Hey ladies!! jg I am on the 2 ww I had my IUI on thursday. So we are not far apart from one another in our cycle. How are you feeling? I always get cramping after the IUI my doctor told me it was from the prostogladins in the sperm. Heck who knows. This last one was my 5th IUI also. Maybe this will give us luck. I hope your weekend is fun. What holiday is it in Canada?


Jennacat - May 21

Hello... I had my 2nd IUI last Thursday. Unlike my first one I had absolutely no cramping. I ovulated late this month for reason. I'm much more relaxed this month as opposed to last month. I guess b/c I know what to expect. I go back Tues. 29th for a p-test. MOMMYOF3---When are you scheduled to go in for a p-test? Will you take a hpt? If so, how long do you wait before testing? Good luck everyone!


jg - May 21

Does anyone else take a pregnancy test after you've done the trigger shot, just for the thrill of seeing two red lines? LOL I'm hopeless!!


Sonyamac - May 21

Hi Ladies,
Mommy the holiday is today and it is called -Victoria Day-it was the Queen's birthday way, way back......
JG-yes, I have done the dollar store tests after the shot and to see how long it take before its out of my body.
Good luck Mommy, Jennacat and JG on the 2ww....Hugs to you all!


chele - May 21

Well girls it's official, I am an IVF'r!!!

MOMMYof3, you should not have to start all over if you change RE's. The new RE will just ask for a copy of your previous records to see how many you have had, what meds/if any, etc... He will just take off from there. I did 2 back-to-back IUI's w/ my OBGYN and then moved on to the RE. He looked at my history and moved me up from there. Also, there are a couple other girls from the IVF thread that have been in dilemas such as you (have a doctor but he's not aggressive enough, etc. but they are afraid to move on) they have all posted in the past saying they finally did and it was the best thing. Both are preggo right now. It's an option. Did you ask the nurse why she asked that question? I would go have it done, maybe not during the TWW but after that just for safe measure :0) SONYA, Happy Monday! Well as you read above it's official.... Had my appt Sunday, everything looked ok so I had my 1st shot of 450 units of Gonal-F last night. I had it confused, the other meds will not start till Thurs I believe. It appears from my schedule that I will be at the RE's office just about all of Memorial Weekend.... I should have my egg retrieveal on 5/31 and the transfer on 6/5. JG, best of luck on this cycle!!! are you doing back-to-backs or just 1? You had me laugh... I have not done the hpt to see the lines but it has crossed my mine!hahaha I think I am so afraid to see them as I will start obsessing.. :0) How are you feeling SONYA?


Sonyamac - May 21

WOW-Chele, you made it to the wolrd of IVF..sounds like all is in order...Gonal-F is the follistim correct?? Make the eggies grow? 450-wow that is a shot full! Well get those girls growing and before you know it the 31 will be here!
I am just really tired.....really tired....
We had company Friday & Saturday night for dinner, we went out this am for breakfast-brunch whatever....Dh has been adding on to our deck so he has been busy working away...and I weeded my getting to bing flower garden! I also spent a wee fortune on flowers..the usual! I had to bring in all my baskets * planters because we had frost here the other night and again last night...like what's with that!
Okay, Chele, so happy that all is rolling!
I am sooooo excited for you!
Chas, I hope that you will be reading this thread and join us over here....congratulations again!
Hope everyone else is feeling well.......Fingers crossed for all theses 2ww!
HUGS Sonya


chele - May 21

Hi SONYA, yes it is. I already feel bloated from the 1 shot. Yes, 450 is alot. I will go through 1 pen every two days! Hope I don't turn in to the Pilsbury Dough Girl!hahaha Yes I'm hoping the 31st comes before I know it because I'm anxious and I believe I will be able to cut down on some of the meds. :0) Wow, sounds like you do alot of entertaining Sonya. I would love to, but with work and all it's hard to do as much as I would like to. Tired.... I believe that's normal so just make sure to take naps when Tyler goes down. I love flowers too! I keep saying I am going to plant this weekend and then I hear that the weather will be chilly again so I am waiting for the warm from to come and stay. I've been looking in to what types of bushes/flowers attract humming birds & butterflies. I think this means I may be pulling up a few other bushes around the deck in order to plant some of these types. Thanks for checking in Sonya! Hugs to Tyler for me!--Michelle


Sonyamac - May 21

Hi Michelle, sorry that you feel bloated..you must..I can't imagen taking 450...yikes..the most I ever took for iui was 150.....and last time I was only taking 50, when i got pregges with Tyler..
Okay-about the plants..try Beebalm...it's very fragrant-they make Earl Grey tea out of it, but it has beautiful wisp flowes that hummingbird love, and also Cleome..Beebalm is a perrenial the other self seeds...I love flowers and plants as well and yes it has been chilly at night here as well.
Take care and keep me posted..hang in there..,,Tyler gives his Hugs!


jlee27 - May 21

Hey ladies. Well my dr. did follow-up b/w and my hcg went from 77 on friday to 256 today! I go in for an u/s on june 4. I checked out that beta site, thanks for the info. Chele, I'm glad you have another plan started, we would not have been able to afford ivf so I'm glad this worked for us. Hope everyone has a great day.


Sonyamac - May 21

JLee-so happy for you hon! Congratulations! Isn't that Betabase info a neat site?? You can enter yuor different data and it calculates it....pretty cool and I like the way that you can check out the averages......I go for my U/S on Friday...we keep wondering if there is one in there or two? I am excited....I remember when I was preggers with Tyler....it was one of the most amazing feelings getting to see that little baby growing inside and the heart beat!
Okay..I am getting all wowowow.....
Have a great night and Congrats again! All sounds great!


JULESF - May 21

I had 2 IUI with no sucess i am ttc still but no luck.Hope everything works out for you. Any ideas for me?


Sonyamac - May 22

welcome JulesSF..it took me three times in 2005-we have a son, 9 1/2 months old, and it took me 3 times again and we are pregnant and due in Jan....
I would say make sure that you have a good DR. and that you are taking the right amount of meds to get the follicles to grow....what are the fertility issues?


Shanlou - May 22

Hi ladies, Congrats JLEE I'm glad the IUI worked for you. Sonya I'll be thinking of you on Friday when you go in two see if you have one or two bambinos.... GOOD LUCK! Chele,......... I love reading your IVF informaiton. I can't believe you had to take 450 units at once, I'm with Sonya on that one...... In only took 75 units max. I guess I'll be taking a lot when September comes. Has anyone heard from CHAS? Niki you must be 5 weeks now, how are you feeling? Happymom, how far along are you? We hosted my 1 year old nephew and 3 year old Niece joint B-day party at our house this weekend while we were putting siding on our house so I had to come back to work to get a rest! First chane to read everyones progress!!! Looks like everyone is doing well, keep me updates. Babydust to you all. Shannon


Nikki78 - May 22

Hi Ladies.... I hope everyone is doing great! Yep... I'm 5 weeks today... still going strong. :) I have my first u/s on June 4th at 7:30 am. I'll be 6w6d at that point so, I'm hoping they will see the hb. Haven't had ANY pregnancy signs though... bb are sore, but I'm thinking that might be because I was on Dostinex (for high prolactin levels), and when I don't take it my bb's get sore. Can't take it anymore because I did get pregnant... so, other than that nothing... except cramps - I don't know if I would even call most of the feels I have as cramps - but just a weird feeling in that area... oh well... I just keep praying that everything keeps progressing like it is supposed to be... dr never checked my beta again... 5/15 = 140, 5/17 = 232... so, it didn't double in 2 days, but I calculated it and it doubled in 2.74 days, so I guess that it is okay , because they want it to double in 2-3 days... and he never checked it again... so, I'm thinking I must be ok.... :)



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