IUI in May - Part 1
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jg - May 1

JLEE Good luck tomorrow for your IUI procedure. There are a few of us on the 2WW so we can sympathise together LOL. VAtoNYC Good luck for testing tomorrow!!! Hopefully you will get some VERY happy news :-). I'm glad you found us - we can all understand your feelings and so vent all you like to us!! :-). Welcome to our new ladies. Good luck to everyone 2WW'ing and those waiting for IUI. JAS - How are you??


jg - May 1

Woops I meant to write something in the heading first, then post my usual post. Sorry about that ladies. WELCOME TO MAY!


Liz9759 - May 1

Hi, I just posted a question in the April one. didnt notice that there was a new thread, so If someone could read my question, it just saves me re typing the question. thanx


jg - May 1

Ugh! Sharp pains deep in my pelvis....sort of on the left side but down really low. Hmmm. Only 4-5 days past IUI - too early for implantation I'd say. I wonder what's going on....OUCH!


Sonyamac - May 1

Thanks for making the new threas JG!
Well, my Af, what I thought was AF-is gone...there was a bit of blood/and some lining-anyway, it stopped, there was really no flow....not sure what is up? I am now 11dpiui..so if nothing else starts then i will test on Friday? Really weird? I did start a new vitamin that helps with fertiltiy-L'arginine? Maybe that is why AF is screwed up? weird ahy?
Good luck Jlee27, and Jg--sorry about the pains, I have had them as well after the iui's on the side, maybe it's that little egg travelling to the spot!
BABY HUGS TO ALL...............Sonya


gurinsa - May 1

Chele, thank you for your excitement - you have a great way of making everyone on this thread feel welcome and comfortable. So far everything is going well. I have been pretty uncomfortable for the past couple of weeks and know that its only gonna get worse. Its very hard to sleep these days. I am going to follow your progress until you are pregnant!! I know it will happen for you because you put out such positive vibes for everyone else. Good luck to everyone else!!



Hi everyone, I'm new here. I just had my 2nd iui this morning (first time on gonal f and clomid). My last iui was last month on clomid only and it obviously didn't work. So that brings me to now and the 2ww. Sonyamac- you had some AF and then it went away? My sister had the same thing it sounds like and she just found out she's prego!!! So hopefully it's the same with you. Good luck ladies!


Sonyamac - May 1

welcome happymom, we have all been on the iui part 1 & 2 in April-you shoulc check them out, there is some interesting stuff-Good Luck to you! I conceived my son that way in Oct 2005-he is now 9 months old! We just had our third iui on April 6th..as I said, AF is gone, but there some blood/lining tissue you know what I mean-did your sister have that as well-the lining? I really thought that it was AF-but it never doesn't come fll force the next day..so, I am praying that the last iui and the bding took...if not we are going to do IVF, first appointment the end of May..fertility issues, my age-38 1/2 and dh-poor motility/count (sometimes).
Good luck everyone and keep me posted. JG-how are you feeling now? any better?
Chele-where are you? You are every where-I was disappointed that the girls on the IVF thread didn;t acknowledge my questions-so I don;t think that I will post there, I think that I will post the question and see who answers-hope that meds. are going well....you are stimming right for IVF this month?? Good luck and BABY HUGS TO ALL...............Sonya


Sonyamac - May 1

Ooopps! I met to write we had our third iui on April 13th..not the 6th-that was cd7 duh!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry gals!


Sonyamac - May 1

oaky-I am tired..third iui was April 20th!!
spotted, a bit of blood/lining-on Sunday/Mon-all gone? What up?


chele - May 1

1st, thanks JG for starting the new thread! Hi SONYAMAC, I'm here sorry it's been crazy at work. Actually w/ you taking bcp I think we may end up around the same time in our IVF cycle.... Well tomorrow is the IVF Orientation for dh and I, yep, I guess that means tomorrow I will officially be part of the IVF group! :0) Seems that all it going well with you... I don't understand why you would need the OPK??? (sorry if it's a dumb question but I still have a lot to learn w/ IVF).... I guess I just thought that the RE regulates your cycle w/ meds so to speak so I don't know what the OPK will do??? I'm interested in the responses. Learning, learning, learing! :0) MOMMYof3, by no means am I a doctor or have I fallen pregnant but from the sounds of it, it appears this may be it for you!!! Keep us posted!!! :0) Welcome FromVAtoNY! All you can do right now is stay positive and hope for the best! I know it's disheartining to know that this may not be the time but stay positive. If you travel down the TTC route again, then know that there are many great ladies on this thread to help you! Keep us posted. JLEE, good luck w/ the IUI! Hi LIZ, looks like JG got it down to a T for you! Good luck with your decision. SONYA, that sounds like implentation bleeding.... Hmmm, ok I'm getting really excited!!! This would be the duration of time where they say it happens. Ok, by no means am I psychic but I have this positive feeling for you this month just like I did for my friend Gurinsa the month she got a bfp! Oh I so hope Sonya! As for me, nope not meds just yet. Tomorrow is the IVF Orientation and then we pull the big guns out!hahaha


chele - May 1

Gurinsa, it's so nice to see your name when I log on..:0) Ok, I want details...hahaha did you find out the gender, etc... If you don't want to post online I would love for you to e-mail me.... [email protected]! Thank you so much for your kindness... It's nice to know that I make others feel welcome because that is the way I felt when first jumping on the thread. This is a great group of girls and I'd miss everyone. That means so much to me (your kind words). I'm praying, I know it will happen for me soon! and I also want to make sure everything goes well for you! Hope to hear from you soon! :0)


jlee27 - May 1

Hi, I had my IUI today. Hubby's count was good, 110 mil. and 97.5% motility. I really hope it happens this month. My husband is deploying in Sept. and I want to be preg. by then. Happymom, it looks like we are on the 2ww together. Good luck to you and to everybody else.


Sonyamac - May 2

Chele, I am not taking any meds now? I am not sure if they do bcp-my orientation is not until the end of May,..I am however getting all my/ and dh's blood work done,....but I still have no AF...I am sure what is happening,....there was some blood, so shedding-lining it looked like-but nothing?? It's weird....I am having a terrible headache, and tired! Sorry for whining!!!
Well I want to hear all about the FIRST meeting-I pray that all goes well for you!
I want the OPK to see if the month or two that we have to wait until starting IVF stuff that we can get preggers on our own? Do you think that is stupid? I just want to make sure that I am O'ing.....
JLee27-good luck hon, that is a great count-how many follie did you have at target size? BABY DUST TO ALL...............



Hi ladies! Sonyamac- My sister described her "spotting" as similar to the end of a period, that old blood look. Sorry for the TMI. I think that might be what you are describing and if so it sounds like a very good sign. So good luck. God, if it were me i would already be doing a pregnancy test. As a matter of fact that is what happened on my first pregnancy. My dd is 17 months old and I found out i was prego w/ her when i was in Mexico in 2005. I did a test on a Wednesday and it was negative. No period and I rechecked that Saturday and low and behold a BFP. So baby dust to you!! jlee- it looks like you and i are in the same boat. What meds did you use and what size were your follicles? I took clomid days 3-7 and gonal f 75units from cd5-cd11 my follicles on cd 12 were 20, 17, 17, 15, 14, 14 and 12. I think there were a couple more but they were smaller. I'm assuming they grew 1-2mm from mon to today so I hope we're in good shape. DH's count was 45million w/ 95% motility. My RE must have asked me 3 times if I was sure i wanted to do the iui b/c of the risk for multiples, but I figure if God wants us to have more than one, then so be it. Our dd has been such a joy, we can't wait to have another. Goood luck to all!


jlee27 - May 2

I am only on Clomid 50mg days 3-7. I had two follicles one 17 the other 13 but they were in different overies, does that matter? I think if I get AF this month I will talk to them about the gonal-f to see if it could give me more follicles. Do you think that would work? My dh deploys in Sept. and we really want to get pg before he leaves.


Sonyamac - May 2

Hi ladies. JLee27, if you were only takng clomid and no trigger dhot to make the eggs release, then you would only release one, and 17 is good....the other one at 13 wouldn't be viable egg to be fertilized-good luck you.
I still have no AF-not sure what is up, BBT seemed a bit down.....I am keeping my fingers crossed...
BABY DUST TO ALL...........Sonya



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