IUI in March - Part 2
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jg - March 13

Good luck everyone - I think we're all on our 2ww now! BABY DUST -BABY DUST BABY DUST........Achoo!! :-)


jg - March 13

Good morning! JAS I only have 1 IUI like you, but we bed often around that time to give us some extra chances! 6dp IUI for you - good luck!! APALONIA - Hope you're feeling better today. What a sucky experience for you to go through with your heartless RE. Definately time for a new re!! Good luck! :-) EKOORB I know all about travelling! When we were doing IVF we had to travel overan hour each way about 6 times a week. Ugh it was awful and seemed much more stressful than it would have been if the clinic were closer. 1 BILLION??? Wowee!! Super sperm doesn't even begin to describe!!! lol. ADDIE I too get feelings past ovulation day/IUI, but I think it is my mind playing tricks on me. I tell myself I'm not going to get over-excited but super analyse every little possible symptom <roll eyes>. CHELE Glad you've got a nice RE - we need all the encouragement we can get eh!? Hey next month trying naturally might be the month for you! That's what happened for me! You just don't know....GOOD LUCK!! CHANDELINA Glad your IUUI went well - I get SO stressed about the procedure as I always had to have heavy sedation for my IVF procedures, but my IUI's go so smoothly with and I barely feel anything. Good luck for your 2ww!!! Well me, I did a test this morning (13dpo) but again, negative. :-(. I've lost hope now. I doubt very much that I'll see a bfp this cycle. Hmmm. A couple of days and I'll know for sure.


Apalonia - March 14

Hi all. thanks again for the support. Chele, I don't know why he let us do this twice and then he sends my DH to a urologist to try and get his counts up. why didn't he do it at the beginning? My DH's counts are VERY low. He has vericosele, which causes a lot of heat and the little guys can't take it and they die off. Apparently there can be an operation. We'll see how it goes.
Anyway, I still feel lousy today and liek crying every minute. I am desperate right now. I don't know what's wrong. I had such a crappy year last year I thought it would happen right away. I get soenvious when I hear everyone's DH's counts. Lots of luck to everyone.


chele - March 14

JG, good idea, thanks! EKOORB, your follies seem very nice in size... I'm praying for you. JG, hope I don't have to try natural next month... I'm hoping today's and tomorrows IUI's take. JG, do you drink water prior to your IUI's? Asking because this was the 1st time I had done so (we had a discussion about this last week I think) at any rate I am not sure if that was what did the trick for me, but it went so fast and painlessly today. Don't give up yet... your HCG levels may not be high enough just yet.... chin up, stay positive! Were all rooting for you. APOLONIA, I agree totally... he should have done all of that from the get go, this is not fair to you and your dh. Have they ever told you dh to take anything vitamin wise? My dh has been taking a regular mens multi vitamin, Vitamin E, Vitamin C every day for some time and each time his count rises... Seriously vitamins don't hurt, maybe you want to look in to that. Don't give up, we can't let infertility rule us but we must rule it... just remember that and you will get your dream soon! :0)


Apalonia - March 14

Hi Chele,
I try and give him vitamins daily and he says they make him feel crappy which angers me to no end. I think it is zinc that makes him feel bad becasue I remember taking it once and i felt nauseated all day. Anyway, sometimes he drives me up the wall. This is the toughest time in my life and I really don;t know how I am going to get through it. I see no end in sight.


Jas112 - March 14

Hey JG.. Hang in there ,it is a very hard situation but try and wake up every morning and say.. I am pregnant i have heard that the power of thought is very strong ... i am yet to see if it is going to work but we are all in this together.....


chele - March 14

APOLONIA, have your tried giving it to him at night? DH and I usually eat pretty late (not a good thing) but I habitually put all four of his vitamins next to his plate and he has not problem. He actually say's that if he skips he can tell as he does not feel as good. As for the Zinc, it's in the one a day pill so I don't know if that is a little more diluted but he has not had problems. Maybe you should have him try taking at night if he has not already. Remember, chin up! :0) You will get through this and we are all here to help. JAS, I hope your theory is right as I have been convincing myself since cycle day 1 that I am pregnant, and I was not even inseminated until yesterday and today!haha THINK POSITIVE LADIES!!! Hoping the IVF thread has sprinkled lots of Baby Dust onto our thread. As for today, I did the 2nd of 2 IUI's and it went pretty smooth. Now I am on the 2ww... today would be day 2 according to the nurse so I could test 3/26.... Now that is my ex's b-day.... is that not weird?? Call me silly but I keep wondering what I should do.... will testing on his b-day cause a negative response on my hpt or will it do the opposite just despite him? hahaha


addie1717 - March 14

APOLONIA, my DH had a low count and poor motility back in Sept. They thought he had that varicole(sp?) vein as well.. Dr. told him to take L-Carnitine(GNC) and on our first IUI his count was 178 mil with 85% motility and the 2nd IUI was 378 mil with 85% motility. It's only one pill of I think 500mg. Other vitamins he took made him sick as well, but these do not...I just always make sure he has eaten before just to be safe. I don't know if L-Carnitine it what worked, but that and him drinking less is all he did different. See if he like it better...Good luck!!


chandellina - March 14

pollly - my dh won't take vitamins either - says they make him feel sick. it's so annoying. i even took his men's blend and zinc to see and i felt fine!


MTRAV - March 14

i had my 1st iui on monday the 5 w/ 1 follicle and hubby has great sperm count.


leahb5 - March 14

hi girls....addie that is an awesome number for your dh...mine will def. be jealous hehe!! your gonna be pg this month i just know it, one of them little guys has to make it there!! tomorrow will be a week from my iui..i think i'm pg. i'm super tired and nipples are hurting so bad, i've never had it like this. i just pray for good news in a week.(the longest week of my life) how are you feeling addie? i know implantation can happen between 7-10days give or take and my mind might be playing tricks i dont know. i'm just thinking positive for a bfp!! good luck to everyone else and baby dust!!!!!


tronyx - March 15

Hello Everyone. Wow I had to find you all!!!!(smile) Well my perfectly timed iui is done. I am officially in the 2ww I had 3 mature follies and dh had 11 million count. We also bd on the night of the iui and the next morning i also used preseed. Polly I can understand about dh mine has vericosele as well. We asked the RE and he said they usually look for 8 to 10 million as normal. He hates vitamins as well I tried loading him up on the vitamin waters some has zinc, vitamin c in them. I also find foods that are loaded with vitamin c like pinapple juice and foods with zinc include breakfast cereals and oysters very high in zinc. I pray that everything works out for everyone here, And that everyone gets their hearts desire of a bfp. jg...it aint over til the very end. I am praying for ya...leahb the power of positive thinking is awesome, it is already a bfp. Well baby dust to all.


chele - March 15

ADDIE, yes that is the med/vitamin I heard of before too... There is that one formula that you can buy to produce sperm and motility (can't remember the name) but it was expensive and I read that one of the main ingredience was L-Carintine. Have any of you had them try to take before bedtime? Just wondering... MTRAV, welcome! What is your issue if I may ask... is it unexplained infertility? Good luck! LEAH, oh I hope your right... Baby Dust to you! TRONYX, welcome to the 2ww... Hoping for tons of bfps this month!!


chandellina - March 15

wow - there are lots of us waiting for a bfp around the same time! bring them on!!!


Jas112 - March 15

I know the thought about all of us going through the same thing is crazy.... but it is soo nice to know we are not doing this alone!!!!!!
i have a question please.... my IUI was Friday the 9th does that mean i am dpo 7?


chele - March 15

Hi JAS, according to when my office tell's me to test, yes you would be 7dpo.


addie1717 - March 15

Leahb, when are you due to test? I am supposed to wait 15dp IUI, but last month I took one at 14 dpIUI and it was neg, so the HCG was out of my symptom. Although it would probably be better to wait until 15 dp b/c it is a Sat...that way if it is BFN i will have all day to mope and not be at work! I hope we get a lot of BFP's this month. I don't feel any different yet...I had my 2nd dose of HCG shot last night, now I have a big bruise :( I hate shots. I sure hope this works, b/c I don't think I could handle injectables. Well this is our last "drug month" for a while...I'll probaby end up getting pregnant once I stop the drugs...seems like that would be the thing to happen! Who knows...if no BFP this month i need to take a break and put more focus on my marriage and myself! Good luck ya'll...you are all in my prayers!!! XOXO



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