IUI in March
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jg - February 28

New month, new hope. Best wishes to all IUI'ers, and everyone else TTC as well. :-)


jg - February 28

Ekoorb I haven't have any blood tests - just an ultrasound on Tues AM to check follie size, and was given instructions to come back on Fri AM for IUI. Anyway, I did the trigger injection last night like I was instructed to do, so hopefully everything is on track. <worried> I DID seem to have EWCM yesterday through the day, so who knows what's going on with me. <roll-eyes> So tomorrow morning I'll be in for the IUI and then I don't have any tests or anything......just have to go through the 2ww. GREAT! not. Ugh 2 weeks is TOO long! BTW, how did your beta test go?? I've been thinking of you. CHELE, things still looking + for you?? Oh i SO hope your get good news. It's the 1st March here..........maybe March will be our month!


chele - February 28

JG, thanks for starting the new March thread... I'm with you, hoping March brings tons of bfp's! Will your RE do an u/s to see if you ovulated prior to doing an IUI since you think that it may have been possible? So far so good for me... but we will see. Did you ever get a prediction from Cheri22? Mine said conceive/find out in March so..... Where has everyone else been?


SashaP - February 28

I'm here! It's nice to have a new thread. I got the results back for the Celiac Disease and thankfully I don't have it. It would have been very hard to have a gluten free diet. jg I usually get ewcm a couple days prior to O so I think your still ok.


jg - February 28

CHELE I guess I could ask the doc to do an U/S tomorrow morning when I go in for the IUI.....hopefully if I did O, then having the trigger wouldn't have compromised my chances..... Maybe like Sasha said it could have just been the usual build up to O'ing. Oh well wait and see I guess. When are you going to test Chele? I'd be testing twice a day if I were you! lol Sasha - that's great news - who wants Celiac UGH!! How are you going with your cycle? Any symptoms? Oh BTW Chele, I'm not into predictions/horoscopes/spooky stuff. ;-) I know it gives some people hope, but probably disappoints many times more when predictions DON'T happen. But hopefully March or sometime VERY soon will be your month. All I can say it the end result is ten billion trillion kazillion times the pain/emotion of the TTC process.


jg - February 28

WOOPS I mean to say..... the end result is ten billion trillion kazillion times *WORTH* the pain/emotion of the TTC process.


SashaP - February 28

I have my normal progestrone symptoms. When I was pg the last 2 times I got strong symptoms on 8 &9 dpiui and I'm on 7dpiui now so who knows. I'll test next monday or tuesday.


tronyx - March 1

I have been looking at this site for about one year now. I have had 3 failed ivf attempts and because finances are now just about depleted I will be starting a round of clomid on 3/1/07 can anyone tell me how successful clomid is. I have been ttc for about 8 years happily married, no children, dh has no children, unexplained infertility, Hope clomid is more successful for me.


jg - March 1

TRONYX - Clomid worked for me first go, after five years TTC including 5 IVF attempts. Since we have had our son we did one more IVF and one IUI - both failed, and this is the first cycle again of trying clomid. Clomid just seemed to do the trick for me, hopefully it will work for you too. :-) Good luck


mama keya - March 1

Hi my name is keya and I finally get to do mu IUI this month I first started clomid in Oct and then in Nov thoought I was pregnant but soon found out I had a hugh Cyst the Doct. put me on BC in Jan and on Jan 21 I went back to check and see if the cyst were gone and to my suprise I had now two Cyst so I was set to have surgery on Feb 13 to remove the cyst and now as of Feb 27 I have been cleared to start the baby making so I have my clomid ready and I'm just waiting for my cycle to start which should be tomorrow friday and then I'm to call the RE and set my appt. for my IUI I'm so excited would love to have someone to share my wait with.


ekoorb_79 - March 1

Hi ladies. Well, got results yesterday and they were negative. It sucks, but I am optimistic. It's all I have. I will be trying again this month. Good luck to all of you!


chele - March 1

Hi SASHA, I was wondering where you were at.... Glad the test turned out negative for you, that must have been a little scary. It's getting to the end of the count down for you.... JG, it may be a good idea to ask if you think it's a possiblity that you did "O".. especially if you are paying out of pocket for the IUI's.... at least if the unthinkable happened already, then you would not spend the money and could save it for next time... just a thought. Actually, I have not thought about testing yet.... I have always been pretty good about that but I think it's because I'm a chicken..haha I am afraid to see -. Well tomorrow would be 28 days for me (my normal cycle) so I think if let's say it's not here by Sunday then I'll test. I see, I'm not heavy in to lingering on to their every word or anything but its kind of fun and yah it gives you something to hold on to... HOPE :0) TRONYX, welcome aboard. Sorry to hear about the journey you have had to take... I can imagine the $ strain and emotion is great. I was on Clomid for 7 months. I ovulate on my own, have regular 28day periods like clock-work (until the last couple months) but I was put on to help enhance my chances. I did respond to it very well, but it just did not seem to do the trick for me. BUT, there are many out there that just require the Clomid and boom they become prego! Everyone's bodies are different so to say I did not get prego off of Clomid does not mean you or the next person won't. Good Luck!!! Let us know how everything is working for you! KEYA, sounds like you and Tronyx will be on the same type of medicated cycle. Yes, please join us! Everyone here is really great, and the journey w/ them makes things so much nicer. EKOORB, sorry about the bad news.... let's hope March brings +'s to all of us!!!


jg - March 1

KEYA Welcome to this thread, and good luck with IUI/Clomid. It sounds like you are very positive about starting this journey and I wish you all the best. EKOORB so sorry to hear your news. That's really crappy. But you sound positive too, which is a good thing. I only feel positive about two days out of my whole cycle (around O time), the rest I think "nah it's never going to happen". Good luck to you for this cycle. CHELE - you've done well not to test! What good news not to have a visit from AF so far......oh I really hope she stays away and you can report back to us with good news!!.................................Well, I went in for my IUI this morning. It went well - except I passed out again afterwards. I did that last time......doc thinks because they use the whole semen sample (not washed, because of religious beliefs regarding the wash solution which is partly derived from blood) then it causes a chemical reaction (which also gives me cramps for about 1/2 hour afterwards) and poof! on the floor. lol. Dh was there to catch me thank goodness. lol. So now the 2ww has begun. I did mention my fears about already O'ing but he did not think it possible since the follie only measured 15mm that day. Oh and my IUI's are totally free - my doc classes them as an infertility treatment so the government health fund takes care of it 100%. Woo Hoo!!!!!! He could charge more if he wanted but makes it very affordable for infertile couples..................even IVF is very very affordable, but I don't want to go down that path again - HELL NO!!! lol


Gosia - March 2

Hello Ladies, I have been waiting for AF for two days now, since the BFN I got on Tuesday. Today is d 17 after ovulation. How ironic that it is so close to 18 days...lol I got lots of cramping so I know she is on the way. Last cycle, AF came on 18dpo. I guess progesterone plays a big role in AF coming late. Well, I have no choice but move on to the next cycle.
I will repeat the same meds as last month. Clomid with estrogen, HCG shot, iui back to back and progesterone. Ekoorb, sorry about negative results At least we wil go through next cycle together. JG, wish you good luck. It must have been painful to have iui with sperm not washed. Hope, you feel ok now. Welcome new ladies to the thread and good luck to everyone.


chandellina - March 2

hi ladies, i just wonder if any of you are doing IUI with injectables? I am currently taking 75 iu (the lowest dosage) of menopur, in preparation for IUI March 9 or 12 (or later). i have my scan to check follicles on wednesday the 7th. I'm just hoping my menopur dose is enough to stimulate. i ovulate on my own usually but the eggs apparently aren't good quality. i used clomid for three months but got a cyst in the third round so my dr said injectables would be better for this first IUI attempt. wishing all the best for us all!!!


SashaP - March 2

jg that's horrible that they don't wash the sperm!! Don't they know how dangerous that is. Look up sperm washing it tells you the reason that they do it, there's something in it that is bad for our bodies if it's not filtered by the cervix. It can even cause your uterus to collapse. I hope they will start to do since you passed out this time.


chele - March 2

Monring JG! So far so good... today is day 28 and no af... yet.... I am so praying that my choice to sit out before the next attempt worked on it's own! BUT, if not, then I'll be positive about March! I really believe in March being a good month. I can't believe all the positive results from the Feb/March IVF thread... there are like 6 people that got bfps, it's so wonderful! Passing out... oh my goodness... If the pain is much worse then what I've endured w/ the wash then you are one strong person JG! That's terrific that the IUI's are covered, thankfully mine are to but not the seamen wash that dh has done. IVF is very affordable, may I ask where you live? I may need to come visit and get residency for a few months!haha So this means you can test when? the 15th? I hope you get a bfp this time around!!!! Hi Gosia, I was wondering where you were hiding out.... well don't give up hope yet, I hear many women say that they experience the af cramping and swear it is on the way and they get a bfp! Now I don't want to give you any false hope because I know progesterone delayed my cycles but keep positive and hopefully this will be the month for you! How many rounds of Clomid have you done w/ IUI? CHANDELLINA, yes I have done round w/ injectibles (Gonal-F) at 75units which is also the lowest dosage. I ovulate on my own also, but they believe due to my FSH levels that the quality is not a good. Unfortunately, it did not work for me in January so I sat the month of Feb out. If af show's I will do my last IUI w/ Gonal-F again at 150 units. SASHA, I agree but I think maybe it was JB's decision to do this because of her religious beliefs. Good luck ladies!!



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